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So in St. Joe's I went to my GPS to find a hotel near by.  I decided to go to Kalamazoo because I was so close I'd be stupid not too... and with a name like that why wouldn't you want to stop there! Ha Ha Ha!  So I looked at the names of hotels that came up on my GPS and called the phone number that came up.  I was preoccupied so when I heard the woman ask for a reservation to told her yes.... for 45 minutes.  So I gave her my credit card number as a hold and headed on my way.

I get into Kalamazoo and follow the directions to the Quality Inn.  Well, it took me to a Econo Lodge and some other hotels... I drive around the block and circle around to where I originally started... well, caddy corner to the econo lodge I passed a quality inn and so I went in figuring the GPS got the coordinates wrong.  I tell the receptionist that I had a reservation.  She told me the didn't see my name there... I said yes I called 45 minutes ago or so ... she told me nobody called in the past hour... she never got a call.  I pulled out my phone and show the number I called... she looked at me and said that I booked the econo lodge... I told her I didn't... the GPS said that this address and this number was theirs.  And I showed her... well, that really didn't help much as it can't turn back time.  But the woman at quality saw that I was tired and exhausted from driving all day and called over to the econo lodge for me to see if the reservations can be canceled sine I didn't want to get back into my car.  Well, that didn't happen... the reservations couldn't be broken.

So I head over the econo lodge... the receptionist there was sort of confused why I wanted to break the reservations... she wasn't as nice as the quality receptionist but she did understand why I was frustrated and tired and why I didn't want to drive around the corner to get to that hotel...


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High lights: Quality Inn and Econo Lodge

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