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some elephant on the side of the road off the citgo gas station parking lot

So I'm driving down the road... excited to get lunch at my favorite place the wine and cheese chalet.  I've been stopping here in wisconsin since I moved here.  The Provolone cheese is the best I have EVER gotten!  So I see a sign that says Cheese chalet next exit.  So I exit..  I immediately think something's off as the store is on a different side of the road (this is where I have a blonde moment), as I'm driving up to it I'm like oh, they built a Burger King next to it. And I am still thinking it's the same place I've been to before except that they remodeled it as the building is wider and less deep.  I walk in and the store is totally different than what it was before... except the restrooms... they are in the same exact place.  So this is the same place I think to myself.

  I go into the restroom and it looks the same as the one I was used to.  Ok, I think to myself.  they remodeled everything except the restrooms... now that i look back at this I know it sounds absurd!  Yeah... everything about this place, even the land around it on where local places are, changed but the restrooms!  ha Ha Ha!  Well, I finally figure out what town I'm in and it's not Edgerton... I find out after I leave that it's a half hour south.  This Chalet is a half hour north of Madison and the one I like is south!  Sigh... better luck next time!

Before I leave I stop off and get gas... I didn't need it but I wanted an excuse to take a photo of this elephant statue that was off of the parking lot of the Citgo gas station.  It was really bizarre and I still can't figure out why it's there!

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some elephant on the side of the r…
some elephant on the side of the …
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