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This week has been crazy. I don’t care to really elaborate on any of my feelings right now because frankly… I am a little numb… but here is an over view of the week thus far


 Monday- My parent’s 24th anniversary! I am really happy for them and I hope I find love that lasts that long.

     Also found out that Alyse (my twin) is Pregnant! WOW! Exciting times in the Anderson house.

Tuesday- Election. Happy about the way that turned out. I can stop threatening my dad about not coming home now.

Wednesday- My mom’s (49th… shhh don’t tell her I told) birthday. I can’t believe it! I can remember her turning 38… that was like two years ago it seems.

Thursday- It was a beautiful day in Helsinki, though today was the first day I saw ice and it stayed ALL day long, even with the sun.

     I had my meeting about my placement today. It seems like it will be a good experience, cold but good. I am working at a ‘playground’ and I get to be outside for hours everyday. I can hardly wait for winter.

     A few hours ago I found out that my grandma was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid. I don’t have any information except that and they are going to operate. I have cried until it hurt and I am physically sick to my stomach. On my list of things I did not want to happen while I was away this is like number two. It hurts so bad that I cannot be there. But there isn’t really anything I can do about it whether I am close or not. I am confidant that things will be fine. She is so strong and I know she isn’t going to let this take her down.

I do not know what tomorrow holds yet but I guess I will find out. With the way this week is going I am sure it will be something big.

I want to ask you to keep my sister and my grandma in you prayers and thoughts. Thank you!

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photo by: portia