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Okay, I am going to try once again to update everyone on my travels.  When I typed everything out the other nigyht it took me  acouple hours, and then i lost it. So perhaps now i'll only do bits of what I had, that way it goes faster and it will probably be less boring than if I were as detailed.

So maybe a quick overview first. I am living in helsinki. more specifiacally in Pasila, more specifically Ita-Pasila (Ita meaning East). My school is in Melahti, another district of helsinki. It is about a 10 minute bus ride from Pasila station, which is about a block from my apartment. It is decent sized train station, but many of the busses and trams also make stops near it. If I want to get into downtown, I just have to hop on a train and head for the Centre, it about a 5 minute ride. The main Rail station in in the centre, it has many shops and vendors and always has many characters. My apartment building isn't the nicest thing in the world, but the actual apartment is better and my room is even better. You can tell students have lived here, many of the things seem like they havent really been cleaned for years. Its my goal to clean the kitchen  really well while I am here. I would clean the living room, but we don't have one anymore. All the livingrooms in the building are being turned into student rooms, which is alright by me. I dont mind not having a TV but i wouldn't mind sitting on a sofa. Right now I have two roommates, and we are waiting for three more to move in. Dianthe and Tonja are both from the netherlands and they are both nursing students. Helsinki is cold and wet, I think it has rained all but three days we have been here, I now carry my umbrella with me at all times. Also, Finns walk everywhere, even in the rain. I dont mind the walking so much, it makes me tired so i can sleep better at night. I'm not sure of what all to say but I'm sure I'll get all the details down eventually.

I left Minnesota on the 21 of August. It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone. At the airport I told myself to just go and not turn around. I did really well until I started to security. I turned around and David and my parents were still waiting and watching, I wanted to get out of line and get back in the car and go home with them. But I turned around and went on. That day and the next was full of different emotions. I was happy, sad, excited, nervous, apprehensive, lonely... and so many other extremes. The plane rides were fine, I cycled through my emotions and tried but failed to sleep. I'll spare you the details of the flights, if you really want to know ask.

I arrived in Helsinki around 11am on Friday. Jonna, our student tutor, and Alma, a student that studied at mankato last year, picked us up. Without themi would be so lost. They are so amazing, they have given up so much time to help us. They have shown us everything so far.

When I did this the first time I had every day since we got here written out but that will take way too much time again. but if you wondereng about specific things, again, just ask.

Things were really kind tough the first few days. I was really homesick and there was so much to be done. The night of the first day I was thinking I should have stayed home. When we arrived we found out that there was a miscommunication with housing and ashley's apartment had been offered to another student. It took a few days but she found another apartment, and its right above mine, so its an easy move. She gets to move in on the first and she is excited! We started class on the 26th, for now we only have one class that meets a few times a week for 3 hours at a time. It is Dialogue, it seems like it will be a good class, once we get past the language barrier. The teacher's english is very poor in both her speaking and her writing. When other students do not understand she explains it too them in Finnish, which I can't understand. I find it frustrating at times, though i understand it most of the time, sometimes i cannot understand her through her heavy accent. She also repeats herself so much i stop paying attention. Soon, I will start a Finnish course, on language and culture. In October I will start a working with people with speacial needs class. I think that will be more hands on and a little more bearable than Dialogue. After my classes are done in early november I will start my work placement. I am very excited to see where I am placed.

I am starting to adjust well and I am very excited to see where I go with this semester. I will post another blog soon with my phone number and address, but now I need to sleep.

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photo by: portia