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I'm a people watcher. I could sit and watch people all day long. Sometimes i make up stories about them, but lately I have been really interested to know their real stories. Right now i am looking outmy wondow and ther is an onlder man on bhis balcony wearing a suit, just standing a looking out. I really want to know why. Most people go out to smoke. He is just standing on the balcony looking, in a suit, the cold doesn't seem to bother him too much. I see many people playing intruments on street corners, some of them look like they are doing it to have a good time but most look like they are not enjoying it. Why do they play? If the are playing for money how did they get to this point in their lives? I want to ask the men digging through the trash for cans and bottles how their lives used to be. I know that everyone has a different and unique story and i want to figure it out.

I have decided since i have so much free time in my like here that i needed a hobby or too. So, on top of picking up reading again i have decided to attempt to build up my endurance through running and i have decided to draw again. It has been a long time since i have done any of these things on a regular basis. I am reading 'A Million Little Pieces' right now and I was more then half way through in the first two days. The Summer I moved to Minnesota I read piles of books every week, I needed to escape my life and forget about the fact that I had been forced to move half way across the country to some city where I had no friends (I am so glad I moved now, and would never move back). Now I don't need to escape, but the frlling of getting lost in someone elses story is so relaxing. I dont have to think about anything else. I love it. I have not ran much since High School, when I was in track, which I quit Junior year. I have never been a distance runner but I have always wanted to be. So i am going to attempt to be one, besides, this is such a beautiful city with so many things to be discovered that you can't see on train, bus or tram. As for drawing goes, I enjoy art and being creative, drawing has never been my strong point but i have been encouraged by a past professor to keep trying. Looking at a piece of work when it is done and knowing that i created something that people think is beautiful gives me a good feeling. I also want to get more proficient with it. Yesterday I made my way downt town in search of art supplies. I found a cute store and bought charcoal and paper, my goal for the rest of the time I am here is to do three big drawings, the one I started last night, one of my sister's wedding and one more that will be a gift for someone I know reads this.

On monday I started my Finnish class. It seems like it will be more language than culture. I am okay with that but I was really looking forward to learning more about the culture. So far it seems really good. I am very sad that I can only speak one language. Of the five girls I live with i know that at least 4 of them can speak at least three languages. I am thinking that i might take more language classes when I get back to Mankato, but who knows if I have time. I think that the three years of Spanish i took was a waste, livingwith with three fluent spanish speakers I cannot understand anything. The girls I live with that know french? Nope, can't understand that either, though i only took one semester of that so i don't feel so guilty. I am very excited to learn Finnish, I know I will only get the basics (we meet once a week for two and a half months) but I am going to learn what I can.

Today I have a free day, no class and no obligations. I did not set an alarm clock and slept in, ate some breakfast, read for a while, emailed, and now i am doing this. My plan for the rest of the day is to read and draw (I went for a nice little outting yesterday and every muscle in my body burns today, so not today). Ashley and I are planning on going to the ballet later this evening. It doesn't start until 19:00 so we have plenty of time left in the day.

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photo by: portia