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That meeting I talked about last Thursday... Yeah I never made it. My navigational skills are great; it is just a little problem with the Helsinki streets. They need to make more sense. I found the street right away and went to the address... kind of. I found 31 and the next door was 33... So across the street I went. 21, 22, 24... No 32! Ugh. SO I walked around for awhile and decided to walk up the street. I found the correct place, 45 minutes later and it was locked! I was too shy to ring the door bell (I didn't want to interrupt the meeting) so I wandered back to the train station to go home...


The 25th was my half way point! Which is a bitter sweet thing. That day I went to Tampere to explore with Tanja and Nina, two of my roommates. That was fun; it was really cold there though. But what do you expect… it’s Finland.


The next day was my Finnish name day. I am not entirely sure what that even means. Some people celebrate them and some do not. Each day of the year has names attached to it and that is your name day. I think it was that night that I walked out of my bedroom and was ambushed with hair color… okay not ambushed… I agreed to it. I sat with henna on my head for a couple hours… now I have red hair. Not like fire red, more or a tint. I like it.


We celebrated Halloween on Wednesday and again on Friday. I dressed like a pirate, my roommates told me I was too cute to be a pirate, I tried to ugly myself up… no luck. I bought everything I needed for my outfit at a secondhand market, and used things that I borrowed and already had. It ended up being less than 9 euros. I bought some boots for three euros… I now know why they were so cheap. Any woman that can walk around in boots with heels like those is crazy, my feet hurt after about 10 minutes of wearing them and after wearing them for several hours walking and dancing, I was ready to walk home in my socks. Wednesday we stayed in Helsinki, I hung out with Dianthe, Nina and Tanja. Friday I went to Vaanta with Violeta, the décor at the party was amazing. Better than any American Halloween party I have seen.


Thursday was Dianthe’s birthday and her and Tanja’s going away dinner. It was really fun we had great food. Spanish tortilla and Austrian kunepfluer(?). I cut a bag of onions that night and I can still smell them on my hands, yuck!


Friday they moved out. I was and am sad. It’s really strange and quiet without 6 people here. I had my own bathroom for the weekend. They both lived on my side of the apartment and shared my bathroom. And I even had enough space in the fridge so I stocked up on groceries.


Yesterday, to my surprise I was cooking dinner and two new girls moved in. I did not think anyone would be moving in so quickly. It’s the middle of the semester! Oh well. They both seem very nice. They are from Portugal and are studying nursing.


I also found out last week that I got into the Social Work program in Mankato!


I am fighting with laundry today and I need to see if it has dried at all yet. I hope everyone is having a great day! Remember to get out and VOTE!

Depending on the out come I might just stay here!


Also there are two strange women here that brought me a chair to replace a broken one we never had… and now they are cleaning or something… I am not sure; they are speaking angry things in Finnish… so I need to go spy on them.

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photo by: portia