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.anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

That pretty much sums up my day so far. Though I am not really complaining, I am in good spirits and I find it funny that it would all happen. I suppose that I dont really need to go into details about everything but I think a list would sum it all up nicely.

Woke up to Ashley's phone call wondering if i was reasy, because I was late.

Put the wrong shoes on, they gave me a blister yesterday, but they were the first ones I saw.

Missed the bus, which in turn made us late for class.

Spilled my entire change purse while trying to pay for my coffee durning break.

Got my arm caught in the instructor's body as she tried to squeeze past me (I had my elbow out getting a pen and i was close to the wall: she is not a small woman).

Walked around for an hour looking for the bus stop, found the bus and ran towards the stop, only to have bus go in a different direction when we weren't looking.

Found the bus, missed it, had to wait for new bus. While waiting (indoors) some delinquent decided to spit over the balcony (really who spits indoors?) and it landed right on me.

On the way to Ikea, a kid on a motor bike decided the walkway was a better place for riding than traffic, hit the water going past me and got my whole left side wet.

On the way out of Ikea my new umbrella kept closing over my head because apparently it's sick of being used everyday.

And finally while eating my pudding/rice/jelly thing (the most delicious thing ever) and talking to my roommates I spilled my spoonful down the front of my shirt.

 I just find it funny that so many little things would happen in one day. But I really don't mind any of it. I still have a few hours left of the day so we will see what happens.

The girls of Janilijankuja 5B 059 (my apartment number) just keep coming! Yesterday we had Esther from spain move in. Today we had violetta, also from spain move in. Even with Ashley gone (she moved into her own room upstairs yesterday) the place is getting crowded. We are still waiting on one more girl to move into what used to be the living room. tonight we all sat down together  and had some tea and snacks and passed around some different chocolate. It was really nice talking and sharing our days. I think we will al get along really well.

Yesterday was a rather uneventful day for me. I joined Ashley to Hoas so she could get her keys. We both forgot that it was the first of September, and just about every student in Helsinki would want to get their keys. The line was to the end of the street! This being our third visit to the dreaful building we knew to the trick. Instead of just standing at the back of the line assuming that we could get in, we went inside a took a number and stood inside. Three hours later our number was called and we got the keys. Had we stayed outside we would not have gotten even half way up the street. Thankfully we were inside our of the rain, and we even accomplished our mission. After that the day was totally made up for when we got to witness some kid get stuck in the train door. usually the doors open back up, but he made it right as the conductor decided to leave. He made it inside after a stuggle but his bag was left ourside, with only a handle to hold. He also found it very funny so I do not feel bad about finding it humorous. When we arrived at our stop the platform was on the other side, so those doors did not open. I'm not sure how long he had to ride for before he was let go.

It has rained all day here and it has rained the last few days and the forcast calls for rain all week. I should invest in some rain boots and perhaps a new umbrella. Hopefully this weekend is nice, at least in middle Finland anyways, as we are taking a weekend trip with Alma and her family.

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photo by: portia