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The past two days we have had some nice weather. Well at least yesterday was sunny, but it hasn't raind for a couple of days so I count it as good weather. We walked around the city a lot yesterday and I ended up taking 180 pictures! I have found a much esier way of putting them up. I had a lot of problems using this site so I going to include a link to them on another site.

The last few days have been kind of low key for me. I had a couple of not so good days at the end of the week but I relaxed this weekend and made up for them. I did not win a trip to Ireland...but I am okay with that. it turns out that Jameson whiskey was the sponsor of the game and it was more of a promotion and whiskey tasing than anything... and it was not very good. not my thing. Thursday we had class, it was boring as usual. then we went to get a visa for Ashley, but we ended up just getting the papers. Then we went to the library where my bad day began, I tripped over a chair and got my foot stuck under a table somehow. It hurt a lot and bled a little and bruised a lot. Then I wanted to check out 'a million little pieces' and I forgot my pin code.so i asked the librarian for it. I had three picture IDs and she would not give it to me with out a passport, too important and confidential for three IDs. It's a library, really what am I going to do? Steal someones card so I can check out books and not return them? After that I went home and met my new roommate Nina, from Austria. I wanted to show her the trick of not getting locked out, however i failed and somehow locked her inside of her room with her keys. It took us a lot of muscle and about 15 minutes to get the door cracked enough to get a tiny key through it. By this time I was hungry. I went to heat up leftovers and spilled them on the ground. So i made dinner. I had turned the wrong burner on and when I turned it off, I clicked it over one too many times. All of the burners get warm when the stove is one so i wanted tp heat up sauce for my noodles. I put my hand over the burner and it seemed warm. So I set my hand on it to see how warm. It had been on hig for 15-20 minutes. ouch. So I went to bed. The next day I took a shower and lost my nose stud and cut my armpit and while I was in the shower the wind blew my door shut. So I had to wait around for a while in just a towel until the security people came to let me in adn i get to pay 27 euros for it too. I thought it was funny that I told Nina about it the day before... and then it happened to me. The next day my other roommate lost a key. We are a pretty cool bunch of girls.

Yesterday and today have been filled with relaxing and walking around the city and naps and reading. Tomorow we start our Finnish course and I am very excited. Now it is very late and I need to get to bed.



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photo by: portia