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...There are days when I feel like my life makes just about as much since. The title are lyrics from an actual song... its random and awkward. At points it makes some sense but then it turns around and get random again. I love that my life is random and hard to explain some days. I am truly a unique individual. And I love being one. There have been times in the past where I have had trouble grasping individuality, I will always share the exact genetic make up as some one. Unless something dramatic happens, I will always look identical to someone. For 18.5 Years I shared just about every experience with someone. I had a few things, but not many, to identify myself with, just me. The past couple of years I have grown so much individually. I have experienced so many things, some of which I share, others are solely mine.  I don't really have much of a point or a reason for this, I have just been realizing lately how different my sister and I are. You always here about Nature vs. nuture. Which applies to us though? We have the exact same genetic make up. Our nature is the same. For most of our life we have shared the same experiences, most of our major milestones have been shared. For years we were even dressedd the same. Our Nurtue was the same. so why are we different? I don't really care to know the answer, if there is one. But I am really interested in it.

We had our last session of Dialogue class today before we start group disucssions next week. I am overall very disappointed by my experience in the class. Our insturctor was very unenthusiastic, rarely used examples, had a lot of trouble with English and explaining the material to us. At the begining of the class I understood that we would learn to properly dialogue with clients in a social work setting. However, we spoke of that once, today, we did not get though all the material for it either because she allows the students to ask questions and get her off topic. When we have broke into groups to do exercises, once we did a doubling act, which she told us afterward had nothing to do with dialogue. She taught us the theories and rules and how to properly dialogue, but only gave us 20 minutes to do what she told us takes 2 hours to even get started. I am hoping that our other class goes better than this one did. I have been warned about the teacher and told to switch classes, but I am interested in the topic so I will stick it out.

I am sitting at the school right now waiting to go get lunch, there is a rush when class gets out because everyone is given the same time for lunch, there have been times when we cant find seats. So we have learned to just sit in the library and wait until the next round of classes start. Which is now.

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