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I was told a million times it wouldn't snow in the city... liars! It pretty much hasn't stopped snowing since Sunday! The snow makes me feel a little more at home! And I am loving it! Everyone that lives here seems annoyed with it… probably because of people like me.


My time here is almost up! though at times it has seemed like I’ll never go home, now it’s so close to being over. I still have over a month left. Which seems like a lot, but when put into weeks I know its going to fly! Five weeks from today ill be home. I have 35 more days! I knew that I was going to start to miss things but I thought I would wait until a little closer to the end. Tonight on my way home from my placement I was looking down the city streets thinking about how much I really do love it here. What a great choice for my first overseas experience.


It is amazing how quickly things can change. Alyse had a miscarriage, which was had but she and Ross have handled it amazingly. I found out that my Aunt Janice has started chemo treatments again, for two tumors I believe. After I found that out I went on a long run and did some thinking. I was really upset with everything that was going on at home when I couldn’t be there. While I was running I had decided that I would book an earlier flight home. So I came back to my apartment and called my mom. However instead of telling her my decision she told me amazing news! My grandmother was misdiagnosed, she does have a growth… but it’s NOT cancerous! She will be having surgery in January. With this great news I decided to stick around here for the remainder of the trip.


I have been working at my placement almost everyday. I really like it. I play with kids all day. It is hard at times because I don’t understand Finnish of French. But I am starting to understand more Finnish so it is getting easier. There are a few kids that speak some English and one girl that speak it fluently, so I am trying to get to know her. All of my co-workers make it fun to be there.


I spent a weekend with Jonna (my tutor), her father and her boyfriend at her family’s summer cottage. We cut and moved wood and relaxed some too. Watching her with her father made me really miss my dad. Also watching her and her boyfriend being generally cute together made me miss David.


Then next weekend (last weekend) I went with Alma to her family’s home to spend the night and to help them work on their new home that they are building. It was also fun. I really like spending time with her family. She has 11 brothers and sisters! There is always someone to talk to, or at least try… I don’t speak much Finnish.


I am really sad about missing Thanksgiving… my original plan was to make thanksgiving here… but I cant even find a dang turkey! So I have given up hope.


Monday I am going to see ELTON JOHN!!!!! I am probably more excited than I should be. I am taking myself on a date. I am so excited! I have a terrible seat that I had to pay 70 euros for! Thank goodness the exchange rate is getting better. But I think any seat at the concert will be an amazing seat J


Next Thursday I leave for a long weekend in Lapland. I am pretty thrilled for that. After that I have one more week in Helsinki and then hopefully it’s off to explore The Netherlands, Germany and Austria! That trip is my Christmas present to myself! Hopefull I get it! It is still got some planning that needs to be done but I think it will work out.

I have two large papers to write and then I am done for the semester! So I am going to go look for some info for one of the papers so I don’t have to do everything at the last minute!


OH, here are some links to new photos…    Snow pictures    Jonna’s and Alma’s



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