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Is September really over already? I can't even believe it. Well let's see what has happened in the last couple of weeks...

I finished my Dialogue class, thank goodness. I still have to write a small paper for it due next week, but I forgot about it until today. I also started a new class, Working with people with special needs. So far its been okay, we have only met twice. I have to remember that things are set up differently here than in the US because some of the things the teacher mentions gets me fired up, until I remember that they are a little behind on the times. Also the teacher has poor English skill and uses words that I dont think she knows are wrong. I actually get kind of a kick out of it sometimes but i know what she means so it's okay.

I found out that Salsa dancing is NOT for me. My roommates and I found out where to take lessons on Fridays, I went once. There is a slim chance I will go again but it was not pretty to see. On the bright side if I ever end up in Spain or somewhere I know the basic Salsa steps.

I have done a little more sightseeing. I went to Suomenlinna twice last week. Suomenlinna is a maritime fortress, its very cool. It is a set of 6 islands that used to be used to gaurd the city. It is so peaceful there, even with tourists. That is really the only times i have really seen the sea since we got here, besides the harbor and a few bays. It was great.

On Wednesday I had a nice little surprise when I broke a tooth... and swallowed it. I was kinda bummed that the city dentists would not take care of it that day... or at all. they only do emergency work... and since I wasn't in pain I got to find my own dentist. Jona my tutor helped me to find some phone numbers but she was busy so I got to go at it all alone. I don't know if i have gone to the dentist alone before... I'm kinda wimpy. I was really worried that things would be very hard but to my relief things were SO easy. I got to experience a Finnish dentist this morning. After getting a little confused finding the building I filled out the easiest form and waited. I was outside again in less than half an hour. The Dentist was great. He was very kind and listened to my concerns and requests.

The weather has been great here for the last two weeks. It was sunny every day except the last two, but I did see some sun today when I was out for my run. The trees are all turing colors and dropping their leaves and its really starting to get chilly. I am going to take advantage of the light while its still around. When we got here about a month and a half ago it was still getting dark around 9 and now by 7:15 its pretty much dark out. So pretty quick i think its going to be dark out pretty much all the time.

I am loving my experience here. With the expception of a few days of homesickness here and there, everyday is great. I have some links for more pictures that I am gonna stick below.     pictures from a jog in the woods last week, absoluetly beautiful place to be.      Suomenlinna album one     Suomenlinna album two

Hope you enjoy them all

PS I dont think I given my address I love mail and have not gotten any yet! so if you feel like drop me a line and maybe i'll send you a little something back :)

Amanda Greiner

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photo by: portia