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A short guide to cutting out the middle man and saving the pennies. Some of this information may seem really obvious but its supprising how much of it gets overlooked. If i've missed (or miss quoted) anything then please feel free to comment and i'll add to it...

Flying: Several things to take into account when planning flights.
  • Flights are usually cheaper Midweek, Tuesday and Wednesday for obvious reasons. Check whether peak or off-peak times of the year apply to where you are flying.
  • More popular airports usually have cheaper flights so plan your route with this in mind, for instance its cheaper to fly from bangkok to Darwin than it is from Jakarta, even though its around twice the distance.
  • Don't rely fully on price comparison flights, they're a useful tool but the results arn't always what they seem.
    Individual airlines often have their own booking facilities on their homepages.
Accomodation: A few pointers if you don't already know.
  • Some hostels are often better than hotels. Theyre also usually a much better place to meet fellow travelers
  • Don't rely just on comparison sites, many hostels have their own homepages with different rates.
  • A HI Hostel card gives you a discount on selected hostels.

Overland Travel:
Train, Bus, Tram, Riverboat, Ferry, get the point.
  • There is an amazing guide to over land travel accross the world from The man at seat sixty-one
  • Many countries offer rail passes for tourists, again, the man at seat sixty-one will give good advise.

Tour Companies:
In some of the more 'dangerous' places of the world tour companies are the only viable option, all the same in most instances with a little effort many middle men can be avoided therefore saving you money.
  • Look at what they are offering, and don't believe everything you read. Think about whether of not they are based in the place you want to go to, if the tour company only have contacts or ('representitives') in that place then perhaps those contacts could be yours directly.
  • Investigate, research, check and calculate the cost of every 'package' that catches your eye. How much profit are they making out of you?
  • Contact the facility or place directly. For instance a monkey sanctuary in la la land is bound to have an address or a phone number, is that piece of information how the tour company is able to offer this service?
  • Don't let them play on your fears, they have to cover their own backs for insurance reasons and so advice given to you, more often than not, will be overly cautious.
  • Don't be fooled into booking early because it might get booked up, this may be true in instances in peak times of the year but more often than not they will always be happy to take 'one more' customers money.

More to come soon.......

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