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I did precisely that the next day, slept in and got some much needed rest.  My 3 companions from Banos/Mancora/Cuzco were booked into this hostal as well and I saw them bumming around the place, exhausted from their 20-odd hour bus ride as opposed to my 1 hour flight.  Once the evening rolled in I went out to meet the others, and the group of us headed to the neighboring suburb of BarrancoBarranco was absolutely lovely from what I saw of it, and a bit more upscale than the other areas of Lima I had been to.  Apparently its the artists quarters, and I believed it as it did have a somewhat bohemian undercurrant to it.  We took a short walk as Yadi guided us expertly through some local history,and shortly after we stopped in a nearly restaurant for some drinks.
    The atmosphere was happy as we chatted away, and we were pleasantly surprised by our gift of typical Peruvian hats Yadi had arranged for all of us!  Much manic picture taking ensued, and she as well received her thank you gift of some framed photos from the night previously.  Once we left we were all sad to say goodbye to a few members of our group who had to leave to catch flights, so slightly smaller we continued on to our next destination, a dancing show in a nearby theatre.
    This show was absolutely spectacular, a perfect mix of traditional Peruvian dancers and audience participation.  When the brightly clad dancers were on stage all eyes remained riveted on their well practiced dance steps and lively performances in colourful costumes.  In between sets the audience was allowed to flood the stage for our own attempts to dance to the local traditional tunes, and I ended up joining in almost every time.  At one stage during the show our very enthusiastic presenter (who managed to miraculously change clothes constantly, I still don't know how) went through the audience asking where all the foreigners were from, and we soon after discovered why.  As the flags from all the mentioned countries were brought out, we were all called up on stage to represent our country in a traditional dance.  For some countries such as Spain and Puerto Rico we could easily guess the type of music they'd play, but what dance is "traditional" American?  Luckily I was not alone, as I had 2 other travbuddies, Shawn and Jim, plus a lady we didnt know representing with me.  "Can anybody moonwalk?" Jim asked, while Shawn suggested as we were 4 to just do the old reliable YMCA (we were fresh from practicing this on Karaoke night!).  Our premonitions turned out to be spot on as they played Billy Jean and YMCA for us, so we took center stage and represented, along with a terrified looking Canadian girl who was greatly relieved to be lumped into our category and not on her own.  I don't have any pics unfortunately myself but will hopefully be able to swipe some from other travbuddies to upload later!  The show was perfect fun from beginning to end, all 5 hours of it with not one dull second!
    After we decided to relax with a few after show drinks, so we headed to Miraflores for a bar close to where most of us were staying.  We stayed out for an hour or 2 having a great time, until finally we separated and went off to our respective beds.
jmaxiv says:
Great night my friend. So much fun!
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
thomasjbartyhead says:
in a few years your traditional dance will be that of an Irish Jig :-)
Posted on: Sep 26, 2008
yadilitta says:
I'm so glad you enjoyed the show Stacey! I will post some pics and you are welcome to take the ones you like the most!
Posted on: Sep 24, 2008
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photo by: rsvpme