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    We were up by 7 am the next day and grabbed a collectivo to the tiny town, sharing with another American traveller along the way.  The ruins stretched above the village on both sides, so we scaled two different sides up to the exhausting, steep, ancient pinnacles.  The view however was certainly worth the lack of breath, as the entire vallyed village could be seen from our viewpoint.  Supposedly this is where to one and only battle in which the Incas defeated the Spanish took place, and with fortresses and lookouts such as these it's no wonder why.
    At around midday Sachin headed to Machu Picchu to meet the others, and I climbed into another collectivo headed for Cuzco.
  This one however was jam packed to the brim with people, all locals except for me, and I had a most uncomfortable hour and a half back with no leg room and children smacking loudly on smelly snacks directly in my ear.  Finally we arrived, so I made my way to the hostel.  The cab driver was trying to rip me off asking for 5 soles when I knew it should have only been 3, so when he wouldn't drop his price I asked to be let off in the main plaza for 3 soles as opposed to the hostel itself.  I figured at this stage I would be able to easily find my hostel, but alas I was wrong. I did find it eventually but instead of the 5 minute walk it should have taken, I arrived 45 minutes later, hot and exhausted, but triumphant.  In the hostel I ran into 2 guys I had met in Banos one night, Ali and Hassan, and additionally I had seen them around in Mancora my 1st night, although never got a chance to say hi.  They were travelling as well with a girl Micheala who had been ill in bed during Banos, and thus I had not met her. I spent the evening drinking somewhat excessively with them, having a great laugh.  We had met the same people during our only slightly overlapping stay in Mancora so exchanged plenty of stores and gossip about our mutual acquaintances, and stayed in the hostel bar until 1 or 2.
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photo by: portia