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The next day was once again an early rise to get in a morning swim, and I and Anna walked into town along the beach after (only about 10 minutes walk) for some internetting and shopping.    We had another 5 sole 2 course meal and bought a few trinkets, and headed back to the hostel to arrange another day of surfing.  This proved to be rather difficult as the group we had previously had mostly moved on from the hostel, and the remaining members couldn’t seem to make a solid plan.  I’m currently swinging lazily in a hammock I front of the hostel, and to be honest don’t really mind one way or the other if we go or not.  The pace here is just too relaxed to get worked up about anything, and lying on the beach doing nothing is a great 2nd choice for the afternoons activities.

  I’m still glaringly white except for one bright red painful asscheek/upper thigh, as usual I managed to completely miss a random spot with the sun cream and burn instantly only there.

            I was shocked to discover today that my South American adventure has already passed its quarter completion mark.  The time has absolutely flown by, yet there have been an awful lot of activities and “first times” squeezed in.  I’ve seen the jungle, the Pacific Ocean, and a tuk-tuk.  I’ve met scores of people and even have plans to meet some of them again later on down the road.  I’ve told my own story countless times of where I'm from and where I'm going, and have received numerous interesting comments back about how strange and unique my own life experiences are.  The best part is that I can realize all this now, while I’m still only a fraction of the way in, which means I can consciously enjoy the time I have left doing all these things and more, time and time again, rather than only reflecting upon any time after completion.  One of the greatest and truest sadnesses of life is that people generally don’t appreciate things until they lose them… the more I can reflect on current activities the more I can actively enjoy.

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photo by: yadilitta