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 Well, I've had it all, group-wise.  I had a tour with one other person, a tour alone, a tour with geriatrics, and now, I have my tour with the too-young crowd.  Young and immature, loud and rowdy, and one of them is a downright twat.
I'm touring the pampas by boat, which is the water-land of the Amazon: beautiful, majestic, and chock full of exotic animals.  Sounds peaceful, right?  Add to the mix 5 teenage Israelis who shout at the top of their lungs in Hebrew, only speaking English to make rude comments or ask for favors, who rock the boat constantly, disturb the animals and splash you... this is my day.  I got annoyed at one for running through a group of baby animals, the giant beaver looking rats I have in some of my pictures, and for throwing things at the millions of crocodiles we rowed past.  I basically told him to have some respect for the animals, but in doing so earned an enemy for life apparently.
  I could go on and on in detail of every annoying thing that transpired but frankly he's not worth it, I will however relate a conversation that took place between Mr Twat (what I dubbed him) and Gabby, who by some strange twist of fate is in my tour group! To set the scene, Mr Twat is sitting directly in front of Gabby in the boat, trailing his hand in the water so that a fine spray is shooting directly into her face.
Gabby (thick Aussie accent): Do you mind Mate, you're spraying me
Mr Twat (condescending voice): OOOOooohhhhhh, its OK, its just water
Gabby: Yeah, but I have a camera here
Mr Twat:  Put it in your bag then
So I'll leave you to draw your own opinions on him.
  This is how he treats strangers he's just met a few hours ago.
As mentioned, Gabby ended up in my group as well, as is a quiet Korean guy, so at least someone will speak to me.  The tour besides the group dynamics is brilliant, the river is gorgeous and makes me feel once again like I'm in a national geographic photo page, especially with all the crocodiles peering at us from absolutely everywhere.  We took a night boat ride tonight and our guide caught a baby one for us to see and hold.  The stars were shining brightly overhead and the crescent moon glowed orange in the distance, and it would have been so peaceful if not for the shouting and yelling from the group.  Gabby incidentally added quite a bit of noise herself during hold the baby croc time, when one of the kids dropped it and it ran straight up her skirt, but I don't think anyone can really fault her for that! 
Our campsite has 2 or 3 other groups staying here as well, and with maybe 4 exceptions everyone is Israeli.
They look like Beavers but are apparently giant rats of some sort
  Even our tour guide speaks Hebrew, he says as the last 5 years its almost always Israelis coming through.  Naturally the atmosphere is not the best as I don't understand a word around me, and no one seems to appreciate any efforts to make conversation in English (I tried a few times, but have since given up).  Its not a language barrier either as the English flows when there is something rude to say alright.  They are pretty much the last people I want to spend my time in paradise with, and I'm stuck with them another 2 solid days!
I have a feeling I'll be missing my flight back to La Paz, as although the lady at my office promised me repeatedly that we'd be back on time the other offices said no, and all the offices in town have pooled into these mix-match groups.
See the Croc?
  Rurrenabaque last night was fairly dead,  Gabby and I ended up in the same restaurant for dinner by chance and again on the tour together by accident, strange coincidences!  Regarding the bus back in La Paz, she claims she was waiting for me but couldn't find me, confirming my suspicions she's just a bit spacey when it comes to coordination and not purposely trying to avoid me.  Shes my one saving grace right now in a sea of unfriendly Hebrew, and I'm relieved to have at least one friendly face! 

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They look like Beavers but are app…
They look like Beavers but are ap…
See the Croc?
See the Croc?
Another Croc, they are absolutely …
Another Croc, they are absolutely…
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