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            In the morning the 3 of us got up at the ass crack of dawn and headed to the bus station for our ride.  The park was about an hour away and considerably higher in elevation and thus much colder; I don’t remember the exact altitude but I do believe it’s the highest point I’ve ever been to.  The park reminded me once again of Ireland, only more the Burrens or Black Valley rather than the grassy areas.  High mountains rose all over, jutting out sharp defined rocks, and covered with various mossy vegetations.  We originally planned to do a 4 hour hike, however it took us 3 hours to simply find the trail, so we wussed out and went back after our quick jaunt around the lake, well aware of our lack of canyoneering skills.

            Afterwards the girls headed out for a walk and I to the internet place, so once I went back I had some alone time in the Cafecito, not particularily by choice.  I munched on some guacamole and read my guide book in the soft candlelight, people watching and hoping someone nice would join me at the table.  Eventually the girls came back and I had some company again, be it only briefly as they went to bed fairly soon.  As I was polishing off my last drink and was about to join them, I received my desired surprise new acquaintances and was joined by two Argentineans, first a guy and slightly after his female friend.    The guy was extremely chatty to the point of overbearing but his friend was lovely and had a thick Australian accent when she spoke English.  Both were well traveled, the girl especially, and they were full of helpful advise about where to go in South America.  We had some great banter and after a few more social drinks, I went to bed as the Cafecito closed down at midnight.

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photo by: Ils1976