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The next morning I, for the first time, didn’t set an alarm and allowed myself a proper lie-in until 11 or so.  Once awake, my big ambition was once again the internet cafĂ©, where I spent a considerable about of time trying to type out this damn blog.  Once I returned to the Cafecito I was pleased to discover two new roommates, another German and an Irish girl.  We said our hellos and decided to rendezvous at 6 for a meal, once gathered, the Argentinean girl from the night previous also popped in at just the right time to join us.

I had met briefly in Riobamba a girl named Lu, we exchanged details whilst sharing a cab to the bus station and decided to meet in Cuenca as to cross the Peruvian border together.  She as well arrived to the hostel this day; however she and her acquaintance missed the 6pm meeting time so I left them a note we would be in the Wonderbar for dinner if they wanted to come later.

So the 5 of us headed to the small, German run cafĂ© for a meal, and sure enough the other two came down after.  Once finished eating the group split as some wanted salsa lessons, I didnt go however, more because I felt uncomfortable once again inviting myself along with the German girls rather than not wanting to salsa.  The girls were friendly enough but they seemed to enjoy their time alone together, and I already intruded during their Parque Cajas day.  I wasn’t actually sure if this was just in my head, perhaps so as one of the other girls invited herself along and they seemed fine with it, but I guess sometimes when you have a gut feeling you just go with it.

The rest of us stayed for a few drinks and eventually only one other girl (the newcoming German) and I remained, so we decided to check out other local hotspots.  We walked around the cobblestoned city as a light drizzle came down, but the choices seemed to be slim, everywhere was either dead or full of young Ecuadorian men who cat called and whistled at every white girl who wandered by, not exactly making an inviting atmosphere.  We found one decent place, however the doorman asked for 4 dollars to enter, and as neither one of us could believe hed ask so much out of a local we declined.  We headed back to the Cafecito for another drink, and were joined by our Irish roommate and her friend, both Dubs apparently, and both full of life and chatter.  The 4 of us headed out after in a fresh search for a decent nightspot, and settled on a local cafĂ© type setting bar around the corner, decorated in the seemingly required local decor of beer mats and cigarette packages.  We had a good time relaxing there and I was introduced to the Mojito, soon to become my cocktail of choice…something about the mounds of fresh mint just made it seem healthy, even though I knew it was actually far from it.

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photo by: Ils1976