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So here I am, in a tent my myself in the Andes.  I woke early this morning and my ride picked me up at 5:30, and we headed to the Sacred Valley to begin the tour.  The cab contained me, the guide Fermin, some porters and my new worst enemy, the cab driver.  This ignorant bastard had his window down the whole 2 hour ride, for what purpose god only knows.  I was sitting in the seat behind him so I got a faceful of freezing cold early morning mountain air the whole time.  Twice I asked him to put it up and twice he rolled it up the slightest bit, only to roll it down even further after to spite me.  I still wasn't the happiest about doing the trek alone nor being sick, and this asshole seemed to be sent straight from hell just to test me.  Finally we arrived and I could escape his torture.
    My guide luckily enough is super friendly, so I was able to chat with him along the trail.  He's an overzealous explainer, which tends to make me zone out after around 2 minutes, but this is harder to do when you're the only one in the group.  He also instructs me to take pictures of everything, bordering on bossy sometimes, despite the fact I've told him many many times I need to make the battery in my camera last 4 days as I don't have a spare.  Whenever I do give in and snap his prized treasure, he will without fail ask me if I want another picture with me in it.  If I concede, he takes not one but two, both horizontal and vertical, meaning I now have 3 pictures of the same thing instead of one.  I know this is all signs of a good guide, but I do still wish there were other peoples camera batteries he could use, or other people for him to demand questions from regarding whatever artifact he's talking about.
    The trek itself is indescribably beautiful, as we're walking right through the mountains.  Tiny oasis's selling candy bars, drinks and toilet paper dot the path, but Fermin says the peter out fairly soon and not to rely on them to be around forever.  Today wasn't too terribly strenuous, but tomorrow is supposed to be a killer uphill battle all day long.  At one point I started chatting with a girl wandering by herself as she was much slower than her group, and she revealed that two members of her team have already quit.  Fermin as well says it's pretty common, especially on Day 2.  One excellent thing about having no group is I can go at completely my own pace, something I'm sure I'll appreciate even more tomorrow.  Tonight however, it's only half 4 and we've had camp set up for about an hour now, and I have no idea what I'll do for the night.  If I had known I'd have so many hours to kill I definitely would have brought a book!
thomasjbartyhead says:
You are an amazing girl to travel this trek, and doing on your own makes u a legend :-D
Posted on: Sep 22, 2008
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photo by: Vlindeke