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In the morning it was straight to the bus station for an 8 hr journey to Piura, in Peru.  In actuality it was a 9 hr ride as we stopped at one point so the bus driver could have an hour lunch break, something I wasn’t too happy about as I really wanted to catch the bus to Mancora that same day and wasn’t sure when the last one would be.  We also stopped to get our Ecuadorian exit and Peruvian entrance stamp, a pretty painless and easy process as the bus company we were with sits and waits for us to sort it before continuing on.  Many travelers had advised this one was much easier than the Pan American crossing, so I was relieved to discover it was true and no one robbed me or stole my passport. Once in Peru the landscape flattened out and it became much warmer, meaning the bus was roasting hot and sticky.  We arrived in Piura for half 4, and I saw my first tuk tuk, the tiny motorcycle taxis that notoriously buzz around touristy cities all over the world.  Lu and I split ways, Her to Trujillo and I to the beach, and I was disappointed to discover that here the bus stations all have separate properties rather than being under one roof. This meant a short walk and street crossing for both of us, ignoring the multitudes of tuk tuk offers for lifts.  My next bus was much nicer with plush comfy seats and 2 decks, and 3 hours later I arrived in the Point Hostel, Mancora.

Once at the point I immediately settled in for a few days of sun and relaxation, and had a few drinks at the hostel bar on the second floor, which was built with bamboo poles and had a grass roof.  The walls were open and allowed in the fresh sea breeze, and a pool table adorned the back, with a large flat screen TV in the middle.  The rooms were built both on this level and below, jutting opposite the bar in an L formation, and hammocks and beach chairs dotted the whole premises. The actual beach and the Pacific Ocean were located just a few meters in front, so the persistant waves could always be heard.  It was like paradise, and I celebrated my find with quite a few Cuba Libres while the bar crowd took turns choosing songs from the bartenders I-pod.

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photo by: Paulovic