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  The group had to be up early for a flight to Santiago and I, barely sleeping anyways, got up to breakfast with them and to see them off. There was some ongoing drama amongst the girls as some wanted to delay the flight and stay a while longer, some definitely did not.  In the end they all went, but the tensions had been high all the night before and that morning, and I´m willing to bet there were some resentments later.  As a solo traveller it reminded me once again how nice it is to avoid situations like these, but in the end I think I´d still prefer a group setting, even for a little while during the journey.

    Once they left I took a planning day to decide what my next step was, and only ventured out of the hostal for a few hours to visit the "witches market."  I had high hopes for this but it was pretty much the same as the other markets, only here you could buy as well dried llama foetuses.

  I went with Gabby, an Australian girl I had met in Arequipa, who has a pretty similar route to my own but flakes out whenever I try to coordinate travelling together,  I´m not sure out of a real regard to travel alone or just from spaciness.  Gabby tried to buy a dried llama foetus but it was too expensive for her, and settled instead on about 15 bootleg DVDs down the road.  I got a new purse and some fake Armani sunglasses, and we headed back.

    Once at the hostel I went online and chatted to Darren on the msn, he was in a bit of a panic as my texts had stopped working once on the Bolivian network.  My last working one therefore warning I might not get in and my luggage had gone on without me had been received, and the following one that I was ok and with a group of friends had not.

  I reassured him I was alive and with luggage, an dared to get my hopes up as he suggested he might be able to come visit me at the month´s end...This isn´t confirmed yet though so I´m trying not to get too excited as it could so easily fall through.  Eventually I had to go as the Internet had a 20 minute time limit and I abused it by about an hour and a half, plus it was nearly dinner time.  I choked down some lasagna, not really hungry but I had signed up for it earlier expecting to be, and had a drink chatting to a few people.  Soon, however, I had to crash out as the lat night previously was catching up with me.  I had booked a bus to Rurrenabaque for the morning, and Gabby planned to ride to the station with me to try to get a ticket as well.

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La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009