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    In the morning I had a paragliding session booked for 9, but in my drunken haze had forgotten to set my alarm.  The agency came for me at 10 though, so I stumbled out of bed and almost directly into their taxi.  I once again took the long ride out to the Sacred Valley jumping point, and our guide from last time plus another were out there attending to 4 other American girls.  Shortly after I was strapped in, and soon a gust of wind picked the two of us up and over the cliff edge.
    Paragliding feels exactly as one would imagine it feels like:  exhilarating and scary as hell.  The view was magnificent over the valley, and I finally got to experience my life long dream of knowing how a bird feels.  After about 10 minutes of peaceful floating, however, the winds picked up and we began to jolt around a bit more.  There is nothing so terrifying as feeling that big kite turn, knowing full well that if the wind hits it wrong and causes it to fold, you are most likely going to die or becomeparaplegic .  The guide quickly brought us to a landing in the fields below, and although I was disappointed we couldn't land above as all the other riders were doing, I was relieved Ididn't just erase my future for the sake of a few minutes thrill.  Afterwards the guide was somewhat of an ass and gave out to me me for not bringing my purse but instead leaving it with the other Americans who were were keeping an eye on it for me.  "I told you to bring it" he growled, which was a lie, he had asked me above if I had another jacket and I had said no.  He was a scary guy anyways, with messy greasy hair, bloodshot red eyes and crooked yellow teeth.  We sat there well over an hour waiting for the ride, and finally it, complete with the other girls and my bag, arrived.  The ride back to Cuzco seemed to take ages, and finally at 3 we got back, meaning I had spent 5 hours of my day for a 15 minute ride.  I stopped for a quick lunch in the center and spent the next 4 hours at an Internet cafe, chatting to Darren and fighting with my pictures.  Finally, I managed to get them uploaded at least on Photobucket, this website here likes to give me fierce problems so I always do that one first.  At around 8 I went back to the hostel as I had signed up for dinner, and sat down to my plate of lasagna.
    I wasn't feeling as hungry as I thought I would but ate it anyways, something I deeply regretted at around midnight when the sickness hit.  I don't know if it was the lasagna or the chicken from lunch, or even something previously, but my insides were churning over themselves.  I had went to bed right after dinner and awoke a few hours later, my belly swollen to 3 times the size in a hard pregnant-looking lump, and my heart beating that to quick and too hard beat that always signifies a sickness close at hand.  I spent the entire night waking up immediately after every time I did manage to fall asleep to run to the bathroom.
thomasjbartyhead says:
You finally got to fly baby
Posted on: Sep 24, 2008
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photo by: Vlindeke