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Seat 30F, Flight AA2074.  We can skip the philosophical bullshit this time, I am definitely on my way, starting with a Chicago-Miami flight,  layover 12am- 7:45 am with no hotel booked, followed by Miami-Quito tomorrow morning.  My only concern is the friendliness and accessibility of seating in Miami during these midnight hours, but I’d imagine MIA is large enough to warrant ridiculously timed flights and thus 24 hr airport lounges.  At this point, there’s no sense to worry as it’s too late to amend plans, so I will try to follow advice I’m told often: "Let there be no need for panic!”

Home went pretty well, considering.  As every time, I spend the first few days wondering why I booked so many days there, and the last few days wishing I could stay longer.  It’s just the Catfish Bay jetlag, things move at a different pace there,  and if you can’t adjust your clock you’ll go mad, but if you can, you get some much needed relax time.  We stayed extremely busy which was exactly what I wanted, for fear a newcomer to the family like Darren wouldnt be as adept at adjusting his time clock and grow restless.  We struck a nice balance however, a large part due to the fact hes an amazing man who fits well not only with me but my family, something not all boyfirends could or would do.  I won’t go into too much detail of day to day, but I will say I saw 3 old friends I hadn’t seen in 4 or 5 years, partied with my siblings, and reconnected with the parents.  I got my long desired sunshine and warmth, my fires by the river, and my American Road trip (only to Iowa, but still).  In short, I had a blast, and Id say he did too.

Today, however, we had to say our goodbyes, or alternatively, our see you laters.  The absolute minimum time apart will be 5 months, if he can get time off work to come see me in January.  In Zevas times it wasn’t an issue and we were sure to meet in December, now however with his new position such a sudden and large request for time off if quite hard, even with his higher up being his best friend since childhood.  Tony is a great guy, he is however a business man, as is Darren, so I understand that not everything can revolve around me and my vacation desires.

            Is there anything worse than those feelings of desire and loneliness when you know you won’t see your love for a very long time?  I stared at his face intently today, memorizing the exact shade of his eyes, the slight crookedness of his nose and teeth, the way one eye is squinter than the other.  I’ve always been fascinated by faces and tend to memorize those of loved ones to the minute detail…it helps for just such an occasion when time apart is required. 




Biglush_23 says:
WoW...i just looked at the list of entries you got in here...your trip has only just begun, but so has mine if i wanna get thru these entries hahaha!!!

Love reading your work ^^
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
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