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The beach is absolutely wonderful.  Its one of those places you want nothing to happen, as the place itself is a marvelous event already.  Whenever I see the waves crashing I get a weird out of body experience as if I’m living someone else’s life, as if it’s too beautiful to really be part of my own.  The frothy spray cascades continuously and shades of white, blue and green slosh forcefully again and again onto the shore, reminding one of the easily forgotten amazing fact that the earth is moving with an incredible velocity.  When you sit on the beach and look across the watery horizon its as if your viewing earth from a unique point of view, as the astronauts must see it from outer space, only this view is a sharp angle across the very skin of the earth.  It makes you feel small and unimportant in a comfortable, all encompassing way: as if the higher forces are moving things along and thus the weight is off your shoulders to do the same.

            When swimming in the sea the waves crest high and the sunlight illuminates the tops, highlighting dozens of small silvery fish in each one.  The pelican type birds swoop from everywhere for these fish, and fill the air with their lonely cries.  On the sand multitudes of snails continuously re-dig themselves into the dirt after each wave uproots them, marring the otherwise glassy smooth service with hundreds of tiny dimples.  As the sun sets the sky grows an increasing orange-ish red until the great red orb slips fully below the horizon.  The distance stretches in all directions so far that the horizon is curved, not straight, and any clouds overhead reflect a fiery rainbow of dusk colors.

            I've watched the last three sunsets intently on the beach, with the wind blowing sand continuously into my lap.  Sitting alone and staring out in wonder, I crossed from the hot days into the cool nights peacefully.  The days have moved at a slow pace, full of swimming, sunbathing ad walks to town along the beach for cheap tasty food or trinket shopping.  The nights are always full of good conversation and great rum, and I’ve met a load of really cool people here.  Its funny how many I’ve met that remind me of people I already know, as if they’re a member of a category I already have a token heading for.  One of my roommates, hilariously enough, looks just like Sideshow Bob in the Simpsons, with his long dreads pulled back and sticking out from behind, tall, thin with a long face.

 Normally however people remind me instead of past friends, and these I generally end up turning into new friends.  I wonder sometimes if people classify me in a likewise fashion, and if so who the other members of my category are, and if I’d get along with them.

            Today is my last day in paradise however, as tonight I have a night bus to Lima, purely to catch an early morning flight to Cuzco the following morning.  It’s pretty good timing to be honest, I absolutely love this place but I don’t like to spend too long in any one place, no matter where it is.

 Cuzco should be lovely as well, plus the added bonus that some of my old Banos crew will be there at the same time, meaning I can skip the awkward, no friends yet time that occurs in any new city.

            I talked with Darren for a long time today on the msn.  The distance is starting to really set in and suddenly we feel worlds apart.  However, things were fine again after a solid touching base, sometimes when so many miles are in between people they just need a chance to realize they are both the same people as a few weeks ago, and its who we are, not where we are, that’s important.

            Ironically, or perhaps predictably, I seem to be befriending Irish people more than any other nationality along the way.

 For one, they are everywhere, for such a small country they sure over represent their worldly presence in hostels and party towns globally.  For another they usually abide by their chatty, outgoing stereotype and are just easy to fall in with.  Finally I suppose are the conversations I have with almost all of them about my adventures trying to remain in their country.  Some might have a negative view I suppose regarding befriending people you can befriend at home when oversees as some sort of wasted opportunity to meet others, but as its technically not my country I suppose it halfway softens the blow.  

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photo by: yadilitta