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  I had an 8 am flight and my alarm was set for 5:45, luckily by this time I seemed to be rather tapped out, and managed to drag my extremely exhausted and still aching self to the airport.  My belly ached like I had been punched internally, and it was still so swollen my pants barely fit.  By some grace of God the bathroom runs were no longer necessary though, as an airport, with its multitudes of required slow moving lines and rampid bag theft, is possibly the worst place in the work to be actively ill.  I boarded without incident however, and flew back to Lima.
    Once there I grabbed a cab to my hostel, and although the tariff card on the seat back said 40 soles to Miraflores, I was asked for 45.  When I pointed this out to the driver he tried to say the card was old, I was sure it was because I was a gringa and even said it to him, which he laughed off.  One of the things down here that wears you down is the constant awareness of being ripped off and overcharged because of your skin color.  You can never trust anyone and are always wondering if your being made a fool of in this racism against the gringos.  I was too ill to care all that much, so just stumbled out of the car and into the hostel.
    Once there I had just enough time for a shower before Nelly came to meet me from Travbuddy.  We took a quick walk around the sea area of Miraflores and met the others soon after for lunch, bringing us to a group of 12.  I was not looking forward to eating but luckily we split dishes at the restaurant, meaning I could pick and nibble at very little with no hassles.  Our group was rather loud and some slightly rowdy, I'm sure to the disappreciation of the other patrons, we had some laughs and took millions of pictures, and headed out again.
    The next few hours we all split to do errand runs, but reconvened at 5 to see some more sights.  We visited a (closed) archaeological site and the Lovers Park next to the sea, and at 7ish went to a Pisco-sour centered bar to enjoy the local speciality.  We stayed there for a few hours, munching on a few delicacies and drinking loads of Pisco (I went for the strawberry one, which tasted luckily more like a sweet daiquiri instead of a sour pisco) and along the way a few more website associates joined us.  Later in the evening we made a move to the Karaoke bar in which we had our own room to embarrass ourselves in.  I was starting to feel incredibly drained, not surprisingly as my last 5 nights were: 3 nights in a cold hard bottomed tent, 1 night on the piss until sunrise and 1 night throwing up every few minutes.  I didn't drink too much more therefore, but still had a great time singing and dancing, as we all did.  The plan for the next day was to meet at 10, I however decided to arrange a 6 pm meeting as to allow my tired and still sick body some rest!
Frostbourne says:
Well done on a very well writen entry. I hope that you have recovered and feeling better.
Posted on: Sep 24, 2008
yadilitta says:
yes, that's a problem, some people want to take advantage of the "gringos". That's so bad. I'm glad you had fun despite you were ill... I guess "Like a Prayer" made the miracle ;)
Posted on: Sep 24, 2008
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