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 In the morning we all woke up relatively at the same time, so breakfasted together and split ways to run our various errands.  I opted to be lazy and not go down to the Amazonias office to refund my ticket just yet, however I did join an English couple from the jeep (different couple than Leah and Nick) for a day tour of La Paz.  The tour was one of these open top buses found in any major city, complete with headphones and an audio tour.  The first 5 minutes were brilliant, however, after this a massive rainstorm hit and we were forced back down inside the first floor.  Unfortunately, with all the rain, sleet and hail, the windows were soon fogged over and full of raindrops, making any picture taking impossible.
  Additionally the audio track was spotty and ill timed, and the bus leaked massively from all the heater vents, soaking nearly everyone on board.  The tour was supposed to be an hour and a half long, but as we couldn't get out at any of the stops we were back to our starting point in an hour.  And wouldn't you know it, 5 minutes after we were back the skies cleared and blue reappeared.  Talk about terrible timing! 
    After this failed excursion the jeep crew plus Gabby went out for Indian food and absolutely stuffed ourselves on Curry.  As we had started drinking already with dinner we headed back to the hostel to continue.  I was absolutely wrecked and planned to crash early, however it was a case of "one more drink, then Ill go" time and time again, and eventually my second wind kicked in during a game of pool, much to my surprise, and I was ready to rock.
  Nick was anxious for a blowout as well, so he, I and Thomas, a Swiss guy from the jeep, headed out on the town.  We went to Route 36 as Nick was rather curious to see what the hype was, and despite our intentions to move to a dance club later we ended up planted on one of the low seated couches until about half 6 in the morning.  A few hours in, the french couple from the Jeep popped down as well, and we had a good crowd of Loki-ers already built up.  Unfortunately, our new acquaintances were brand spankin new to a world like this and conversations with them consisted of the same questions or ridiculous statements repeated roughly 20 times.  The french however were well practiced and we had loads of laughs through the long dark night.
  Nick had a bus at 8 am so we headed back hoping to make it there before Leah was up, we failed however as she was in the shower when we stumbled into the dark room.  I immediately put on my IPod and tried to sleep, this proved impossible however as Leah was absolutely furious with Nick for being out so late.  She decided to therefore switch on the light, throw stuff around, chastise loudly, and at one point I even heard a meaty "slap!" as she really laid into him.  Eventually I gave up and went to check my email, and by the time I was done they were leaving and the room quieted down.  I did say goodbye to Leah before leaving, she said one of the other girls in our room had kept her up all night being sick very loudly and publicly.  To be honest I think she would have been just as pissed off without that ruckus to deal with, but it certainly didn't help her mood, I'm sure.

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La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009