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 We arranged the meeting time for the next day the late hour of one as we had such a wild night previously, and once together again headed towards the seaside to find lunch.  The usually grey skies cleared away to brilliant blue, and we feasted on a delicious buffet lunch for hours, overlooking the sea and watching the paragliders overhead (for anyone about to head this way, paraglide in Lima, not Cuzco, its apparently much cheaper and seemingly less hassle to get to!)  I absolutely stuffed myself with the millions of choices on the buffet, and tasted my 1st ever Inca Cola (Yummy!).  We were in no hurry to move after such a meal, and finally headed off a few hours later.
    Here I split from the group to arrange my bus ticket to Arequipa, and one cheeky cabdriver tried to get 25 soles out of me.  Luckily, Yadi was able to get me the much more reasonable fare of 7 soles, so I set off to the bus station.
    I had debated stopping in Nasca, but somehow lacked the ambition to get there and arrange the flight over the Nasca lines.  So in a half lazy way, I booked directly to Arequipa.  I have been going a tad over budget lately so justified this as a saved expense, but if I'm honest with myself I am a tad disappointed I wont be seeing the famous patterns.  When you travel however, you have to accept that you just simply cannot do everything!  I headed back to the hostal and did a bit of trinket shopping with some travbuddies I met by coincidence in front, and managed to secure my Peruvian shot glass for my worldly collection back home.
    Our group met again at 7 and decided to aim for Karaoke again, our pre-drink place however turned out to be good fun and we ended up staying there all night.  There was a dance floor next door but I remained in the more chilled out area, not feeling like going wild or dancing (although I did do a few Madonna songs with Yadi and Juliana...I just can't resist a good Madonna!)  I'm still adjusting I suppose to not being accompanied by a boyfriend, as I've been in a relationship almost continuously for many many years now.  I'm generally not the type of girl  who loves to be running around constantly, center of attention, preferring instead to be more chilled out in the background.  Its still hard for me to adjust to not having that constant default person to talk to by my side, and didn't feel up to dancing with any guys I hardly knew.  I still had a great night though, and as morning approached I sadly said my goodbyes to the travbuddies and set off for bed.
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photo by: rsvpme