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Magic Johnson Enterprises employees...including Magic Johnson

But I got into Boston and immediately started going with activities including a community involvement where we donated children’s’ pajama’s, made some handmade thank you and birthday cards and then for the event I wanted to go to really badly but didn’t sign up. The Magic Johnson Enterprises seminar. I heard he did a phenomenal job with a seminar at the Mall of America 2 weeks ago and was hoping I could get in. I waited with some others who wanted to go in too and we got in because there were about 40 or so extra seats open. I was sort of confused.

The seminar was amazing! He was up on a panel with 2 of his administrators and just talked about his trials and how being stereo typed as a “dumb jock” got in his way of business.

It was very enlightening and moving! If you ever get a chance to go to one of his seminars on Magic Johnson Enterprises I highly recommend it!

After the seminar I found out why there were a lot of seats open. The seminar was in the Sheraton and I saw a person I know, Roxy, running to the elevator. I asked if she just got in… she said “yeah” and it all came together. See there were about 150 or more people coming to the seminar from Minneapolis and a lot of them just got in. She was really upset that the planning was so poor!

Well, when I saw my friend I left the other people I was with… and didn’t know where they went off to. So I went up to Roxy’s room and told her about registration and what we were planning for the evening. I decided as I was there I should text my group I was with and figure out where I should be.

Oh crap…. I was late for a territory meeting! Yikes. So I bolted to the elevator and started to go downstairs to the next room. In the elevator there were some workers who were trying to gather customers up and join them in the lobby where they had a birthday cake so they could celebrate the birthdays in August. They asked me and the other people in the elevator if we had birthdays in August… we all said no. They asked if we’d like to come down anyways… I told them I’d love to but I have a meeting I was already late for. They said you’re already late why not take a minute out to get some and it was on the way… they had a good point. The others in the elevator (they were with the 3000 employees from where I work) were in the elevator too and said they had to register… it was 3PM at the time and we could register up ‘til 5PM so I told them they still had time.
Well, they tried to be good little workers and the 3 of them left. I went to the lobby with the 4 Sheraton employees and as I was walking down the hall with them people started cheering…. Wait… why is there cheering? Oh, I see… there were a group of employees standing around this gorgous cake and they were cheering for me. Then the customers started cheering! It was awesome… I felt so loved! Ha Ha Ha! So they take my photo with the cake and I actually got to cut it with the chef!

I headed to my meeting… 15 minutes late at this time… with cake in tow and I always love when people can embarrass themselves without being too embarrassed…. If that makes sense? So I was walking up the stairs with cake under my one hand like the plate was a tray and with my right hand I was looking through photos… well, this was a bad mistake as I wasn’t noticing where I was going as I was walking up the 3 steps and I thought there were 4.

Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going. I fell flat on my face… well not on my face but on my knees. My camera was still in my right hand and miraculously my cake was still on the plate above my head. I quickly got up and started walking… I could see the stairs…. Nobody came over to help…but there weren’t that many people…. But when I was walking to the Hynes Convention center door a gentleman at the store kiosk asked me if I was alright. And then he said “you know everybody saw that?” My response was, “I don’t live here so I’ll never see them again…so I don’t care!” He seemed He seemed to like that answer!

After the territory meeting we changed into our “nice” clothes for dinner, awards ceremony and a Jennifer Hudson concert with a Q & A afterwards! The food was delicious, the awards ceremony and kick off went really well and Jennifer Hudson has an amazing voice! She is very lively on stage and knows how to work an audience!!!

We decided to go out afterwards to go out on town.

The one thing I hate is that people aren’t too adventurous. Which tonight I wasn’t too concerned about it because it was late (after 9:30PM) and I had 2 hours of sleep the night before. But we went to Doyleson Street across from the hotel. We ended up going to the Cactus Club and just hanging out. It was a good night of meeting new people and just chatting.

The morning started bright and early… at 8AM. You know I feel bad for those coming from the West Coast as the time was really 4AM… that would be hard to get adjusted to! Yikes! It was hard for me I can’t imagine how it would be for them. That’s why I like living on the east coast…. and even the central standard time zone to an extent. Because I’m a late dweller anyways… you all know that on here.

I post at like 3AM in my time zone. But when I go out west to visit family and they go to bed at midnight it’s like my usual bed time…. And when they wake up at 9AM and I’m used to noon it’s like my usual waking up time. It’s great and I can’t wait for Vegas for that reason! We then walked down the street to McGreevy’s.


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Magic Johnson Enterprises employee…
Magic Johnson Enterprises employe…
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
a bar next to a parking garage... …
a bar next to a parking garage...…
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