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We drove for about 30min from Marktheidenfeld to the main town in the region, Wurzburg. All the parts of Germany I've seen so far (not that many I must admit) have looked bright, clean, well-tendered and cared for, and Wurzburg is no exception. Even the municipal flats looked fresh and brightly painted, with colourful windowboxes. Walked through a beautiful park the name of which I didn't quite get - it is famous for some rare trees and has some aviaries with parrots, including a pair of blue-and-gold macaws and African greys, and also some mynahs.

We then visited the gardens of Residence Palace, which is a famous baroque castle built in 18th century, and is registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site - so called  “Castle above all Castles”.  It is supposed to have an "acclaimed staircase with awe-inspiring frescos", but we didn't have enough time to go inside the palace, but I was happy enough to explore the gardens - having been a horticulturist in my "past life" I could appreciate the fantastic richness and the riot of colour in flowerbeds. Even though the garden is laid out formally, which is not my thing, I could appreciate the fantastic richness and the riot of colour in flowerbeds. There were some impressive large cones of topiary - clipped yews (Taxus baccata).

We then walked onto Dom St. Kilian, a beautiful cathedral which is said to be "a prime example of the architectural style during the time of the Salian kings". It is supposed to be the forth largest Romanesque cathedral in Germany. For me the most fantastic sight was the beautiful stained glass window.

Then we spent some time on the old (16th century) bridge Alte Mainbrücke, enjoying the views of the river Main with its barges, the fortress Marienberg  and the vinyards on the hills nearby.  There are also some rather handsome statues all along the bridge, that were added to it in 18th century.

Following the icecream (which sadly dripped onto my top) we had some delicious German hot-dogs from a small restaurant by the bridge, and feeling rather full, decided to drive up the hill to Fortress Marienberg which is a massive thing towering above the sity on top of a hill. We had a fairly brisk walk through the grounds of the fortress, which dates back to before 1200. 

We finished the afternoon with a drink in a pub/tavern Schutzenhof (http://www.schuetzenhof-wuerzburg.de/) where my boyfriend tried an unusual concoction of beer, syrup and something else which he wasn't overly impressed with; our German hosts have noted that this drink is an acquired taste (evidently so!) and can only be sampled in Schutzenhof. I stuck to some harmless-looking lemonade, which very much resembled the taste of Russian "Buratino" lemonade from my childhood.



masha_bennett says:
You are welcome Vitruvius!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2011
Vitruvius says:
Thanks, this was very useful in making my own plans!
Posted on: Aug 19, 2011
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