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Definitely the best New Year's Eve I've ever had...

It is my opinion that New Year's Eve is very much like look forward to it for so long, you stress out about making really awesome plans, you worry about who you're going to spend it with, what you're going to wear, how much you're going to spend....and then, inevitably, the night ends up sucking.  Either your plans fall through at the last minute, you've committed to too many things and end up doing nothing, you get too drunk too early, you can't decide where to go, your friends bail out, your date bails out....etc. 

This New Year's Eve, Tara and I got all dressed up and met up with Mika and Daniel.  We went to Place de la Bastille, celebrated midnight in the street with 2 bottles of champagne and a mob of angry kids from the banlieue.  They harassed us a little bit, but Mika played it cool...even though Tara got felt up and they stole my cigarettes out of my pocket.

We took the metro to a less rowdy off at Palais Royale Musee du Louvre and walked toward the Highlander, a Scottish bar on Rue de Nevers by the Pont Neuf.  We stopped at a "bathroom", which was really just a boat dock so we could all pee (champagne goes right through you!), and then on the Pont Neuf we watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle while we finished our champagne.

At the Highlander, there was a wild party going on, so we joined right in.  Sally met us there later, and we danced and danced.  Mika kept betting me money to do silly things..."Meghan, 20 euros if you go lift up that Scotsman's kilt!" (I didn't lift it up, but I got my 20 euros by reaching my hand underneath it...yikes.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the man hadn't been fat, old, and hairy.)..."Meghan, 10 euros if you go dance with that couple in the corner!"  They were the oddest couple you ever did see, a short, plain, chubby woman and a lanky bearded man who were just having a grand ol' time.  Turned out they were Anne and Raymond, and were visiting from Scotland.  I also danced with an extremely tall Irish boy who whipped me around like a ragdoll...I love dancing with guys who can toss you like that! 

After the Highlander, we made our way to the fontaine St. Michel in search of sandwichs grecs...unfortunately, there were none to be found.  On the way we DID find a black feather, pink silk lined cape laying on a car...Mika gave it to Tara, and she spent the rest of the night pretending to be a wealthy Russian.  I found a purple mask and wore it when ordering my croque monsieur and the one place we found that was open...they just rolled their eyes at me.  We caught the metro at dawn at Chatelet...Tara and I were heading to Scotland the next day!

P.S. I don't have any pictures of this night because I forgot to put the memory card back in Tara's camera...classic.

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