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Let me paint you a picture: imagine the Discoery Channel, one of those nature programs invariably featuring an oddly dressed Englishman quietly commenting on the migration patterns of wildebeast. Now zoom out and watch thousands of said beast in the midst of some migratory action, crossing a river say. Now imagine unwashed miscreants with backpacks, tents, shopping trolleys, skateboards, dogs, unicylcles and guitares; throw in the odd campervan, Beetle, bus, truck, crane and a portaloo man and you might be picturing the road out of Sziget. The best and worst thing about the island is that there is only one way on or off. You would have though Moses was at work, people were pouring over the bridge almost continuously all day. It was very entertaining just to sit and watch the 'all kinds' it takes to make a world.

We were staying over one night in Budapest and planning on leaving for Vienna the next day. Our hostel was booked by a friend (it turned out she booked with a guy holding a hand-drawn sign reading "HOSTEL 14E", very reassuring) so we were waiting with them for the transfer bus while watching the above described.

The hostel turned out to be summer-empty student accomodations, the reception was a trestle table in the lobby. But it had  bar and beds and  even hot showers so thats what you get for 14E. Believe me after a week of camping that shower was heaven. Pretty sure I was in there for a good 45mins. Ahhhhhhhh.

Our first foray into Budapest? The supermarket! We bought dinner and breakfast and all kinds of wonders like conditioner and chocolate! It was  also a good opportunity to walk around our (kinda dodgy-looking) neighbourhood. I had planned to visit the famous baths but in the end we fell asleep for most of the day! We woke up for dinner, the first time I have ever been to an all-you-can-eat Buffet style Chinese restaurant. The food was good and the drinks were included so we proceeded to drink the 12 euros worth and then some.

Instead of going out we hung out in the hostel drinking and playing games and drinking some more. I actually had a great time and it wasn't hard to fall into bed!
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photo by: Chokk