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Allyn and Trinity in Jekyll & Hyde's. Scary!
We met up with Allyn who called me about 37 times just while I was on the shuttle coming into the city. We went back to her apartment, where we had made a significant improvement from the previous summer's visit when we slept on Simpson's comforter on the hardwood floor. We now had a fabulous AEROBED and four pairs of Allyn's pajama pants we used as pillows. I felt like I was in the LAP OF LUXURY, and amazingly enough, I actually slept during the night, which is something I don't normally do well until my second night in a different bed. The three of us went out to this tourist trap of a restaurant called Jeckyl and Hyde's. Outside there was this horrible actor who spoke slowly and forced us to stand next to a skeleton before letting us inside.
Tina J and Allyn K, keepin it real.
It was a haunted mansion themed restaurant, and there were all types of animatronic monsters inside talking at people. There was scary music such as Monster Mash and Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. The scariest thing though was the prices. Trinity ordered the kid's burger which cost $12.50 and Allyn and I both got "4 cheese and tomato sauce" pizzas which turned out to be FROZEN PIZZAS that cost us no less than $13 apiece. Generally speaking, I usually refuse to order the same item as another member of my dining party, but we both ordered the pizza because it was the only thing that was affordable. As though that wasn't bad enough, we soon learned that there was a $2.50 "entertainment charge," which I guess wasn't so bad but when you added it to the bill for the frozen pizzas was quite frightening.
A bear mauls Trinity! Just kidding, he's only a statue.
Another thing I learned on this trip is that NYC is one of the least debit card friendlt sities in America, which is strange. This restaurant didn't accept Visa or Mastercard, and of course charged a $3 surcharge to use the ATM, and no one told anyone about any restrictions with the money until after we already sat down, at which point it wasn't like Trinity was allowing us to leave anyway. The bill for this night out on the town was $60, not including the tip.  It's not that I think $60 is that much for dinner, but it is when the food isn't good. On the plus side, now that we've been to Jekyll & Hyde's, we don't ever have to go back again.

On Saturday we did some shopping and eating and walking. It was absolutely beautiful outside and it would have been great to stay the whole day, but I am paranoid about flights going in and out of LaGuardia and Newark and I couldn't take a chance on possibly getting bumped on Sunday night (I had obviously gotten more daring/less rational by January of the next year...see the next entry in this blog for why). Anyway, we got to LaGuardia pretty early because I didn't know how much time I'd need to get around there, but as it turned out: not very long. We walked around the FILTHY terminal like 150 times and looked for coins that people had dropped near the registers at all the shops. We came away with a total of 76 cents, which isn't too shabby. I think JFK should advertise simply by posting pictures of LaGuardia, and that would be pretty effective. 
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Allyn and Trinity in Jekyll & Hyde…
Allyn and Trinity in Jekyll & Hyd…
Tina J and Allyn K, keepin it real.
Tina J and Allyn K, keepin it real.
A bear mauls Trinity! Just kidding…
A bear mauls Trinity! Just kiddin…
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