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What was supposed to had been a quick jaunt to the city to hang out and visit a museum quickly turned into the longest airport delay of my life. Once again my time tested philosophy (Plans: don't make them) holds true. More on that later!

We went to NYC on Sunday and that was awesome. Although my friend Allyn would have you believe the weather was the worst in her life, to me it was fine and I managed just fine without bringing a jacket (I did have a hoodie). I did however, forget my shoes which greatly annoyed me. I had to spend two days walking around in New York in the rain in my work shoes. We stayed at a hotel on the upper vest side (I didn't spell that wrong, it's a Ghostbusters 2 quote) which was good. It kind of hurts me to pay money for this when I have a place to stay in New York, but I justified it by figuring that it used to cost me as much as I paid for the room for our plane tickets, now it cost me zero. We lived in a room for budget travelers, this basically meant it cost about $40 less to share a bathroom with strangers. It was fine. We had to go down hallway after hallway and it felt a lot like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. We had two twin beds and I felt kind of like Ernie and Bert.

We met up with Allyn of course and the three of us ate food and then went to the Museum of Natural History. The price of admission at the museum is a suggested donation, but you don't have to pay anything if you don't want. (I paid the actual suggested donation which was $16 for an adult, which is odd for me, but if I do give money to non-profits it's usually to educational causes such as museums). I have been to a lot of museums and I would not rank this one in my top ten. Maybe if there were less people which would have created less heat, and it wasn't 99 degrees inside, my opinion would differ. My favorite things inside the museum were 1.)a miniature diorama where this tiny guy was sticking his finger down his throat to make himself vomit and 2.) another miniature diorama that was completely realistic except for the guy hovering high above the city on a flying carpet. If things in this museum really did come to life the way they did in Night at the Museum (and the inside of this museum looks nothing like the one in the movie, btw), those two things would be hilarious man. I freaking love miniature dioramas! I can't get enough of them.

Seeing how Trinity woke up at 2 am the night before and never fell back to sleep, I would have thought she would fall asleep as soon as we got back to the hotel, but instead she did an exercise routine. Seriously. She did pushups and sit ups, as well as aerobics. At one point I thought my TV was broken which was a nightmare not because I watch TV but because I can't sleep without a TV on, especially in hotels because it's always pitch black. But I called the front desk and someone came to fix it and it was all good. Some of the channels had lines going through them and when I finally settled on watching Back to the Future on AMC I said something to Trinity about it and she said, "It's okay. I like stripes."

Trinity and I woke up early on Monday and had an adventure in the fog in Central Park. That was fun. I seriously think Trinity and I could have an adventure for like 2 entire weeks just there in the park alone. Trinity wanted to throw rocks in the pond and I thought, I would like to spend an entire day doing nothing but throwing rocks in this pond. But alas, there was a plane to catch, and school and work the next day.

Or so I thought.

We got to the airport at 2. The flight was delayed until 2:55. Because of the fog, the plane was in a holding pattern, and couldn't land for about a half hour after that. Each minute, more revenue stand-bys got on the list. I was on the phone with Avita back in MKE the entire time and the last seat was given to the the person right above me. That was round one. So began our airport adventure. The next flight, I didn't even attempt to get on because I called Avita again and I knew I was like #38 on the list and there were only 8 open seats. The delays at LaGuardia had stranded thousands of people, and you basically couldn't even walk inside the concourse. I actually saw about six people I know there, but I didn't speak to any of them because it was so crowded and I didn't have the energy to get up and walk over to them to talk, nor did I want to give up my "seats" which were on the floor in front of Frontier's gates, because I had a wall to lean against there and everywhere else involved sitting in the middle of the floor. We were there for a total of nine hours. At first I was sickened, then annoyed, then mad at myself for not having flown out of Newark instead. Then it was mostly just ironic and funny. The large iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts helped it be funnier than it was. We did lots of stuff. We bought things we didn't need. We smuggled three snow globes through security no less than three times. We read books at Borders. We ate Wendy's in baggage claim. We watched a little performance of high school students playing classical music until some random guy told them to stop because apparently it was too loud for him and his cell phone. We saw a wall fall over (no really). We made fun of people, especially this one guy who was talking on the phone and kept saying "What!" and this kid who tried to do a flip using crutches and turned it instead into a Jackass type ass landing. We played with the settings on my camera. We bought an activity book at the Discovery Store, oh sorry the Discovery Airport Store, which technically was not worth the $13 I paid for it but was still highly entertaining and lasted us a good six hours.

We got home at 1:15 am. Trinity stayed home from school. The next day I had another "airport adventure." It was a good vacation, but afterwards I vowed to never ever ever fly out of LaGaurdia again as long as I live. The best part was when we got home and I told Trinity I was sorry for ruining the travel plans, and she said "It's okay, it was a sexy airport. I was dating it the whole time we were there."
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