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Our last day.. me and jegs with matching jackets!?
I woke up.. got out of my top bunk.. check if the girl below me was sleeping topless again.. (yes) and started to get ready to pack up cause today was the last day of us being in london... once i got everything settled.. i went down stairs with my bags and got my breakfast.  a few minutes later jegs comes down and has breakfast also.. amy comes down also a couple of minutes later and we all sit down and have our last breakfast together.  we took a few photos today... not very fun taking pictures of goodbyes.  once we finished our breakfast everyone got their stuff and we all met at the front area where we took one last picture. then off we go to our respective destinations.. me and amy headed for dublin.. jegs back to poland.. he had a different airport to go to so we had to splitt but jegs was kind enough to accompany us to piccadilly station where we caught our connecting line to heathrow airport.. we said our goodbyes, hugged each other and on to the trains.  Jegs made it back to his house safe and sound and we enjoyed the rest of our trp in ireland..

Great Trip to London.. saw the sights.. met and made some new good friends.  Thanks jegs for comming along. it wouldnt have been the same without you there thats for sure! hahaha
jegs76 says:
hate u:P
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
RJ82 says:
nah ill keep it the way i wrote it. hahah i think it still wouldve been awesome even without you.. just a different kind of awesome. =p
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
jegs76 says:
Hey it was maybe the best travel for me!
u shouldn't write "it wouldnt have been the same" but "it wouldnt have been that awesome!" ;)
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
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Our last day.. me and jegs with ma…
Our last day.. me and jegs with m…
photo by: ulysses