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This is our last night in the United States before we fly over the Atlantic and down to Africa. We're all meeting at the church at 7pm to weigh and drop off our checked baggage. You wouldn't think checked baggage would require much fan-fare but we're taking a lot of stuff with us to leave there so everyone has to be packed to the LIMIT of 50 pounds. Most of us are also taking books, soccer balls, art supplies, clothing, etc. that have been donated by Rotary and others. These extra items will comprise our second checked bag.

We bought a scale at Goodwill ($7.50 for a Homedic electronic one that seems to work) today so we could get our luggage as close to the limit as possible. My bag weighed in at 47 pounds. Dave hasn't packed yet. Amber had more room so I added some hand sanitizer to her bag. Most of the clothes I've packed are going to be left behind in Rwanda. I plan to fill up my bag with purchased items for my return. It helps the locals in two ways; I leave nice quality clothes for the poor people in Gisenyi and I buy hand made goods from craftspeople to support the local economy. Win / win! It's a family tradition to do this.

The church parking lot was bustling with people. The trailer was there and bags were weighed, tags checked, and loaded. Extra bags were handed out. Dave didn't get a second bag. Amber's navy blue second bag is from Daudi and is full of mens and womens clothing to be donated. My second bag is a lovely floral tapestry full of bricks as far as I can tell. Actually it's either dictionaries or vacation Bible school supplies. I should know what's in my baggage, shouldn't I?

The mosquitos were out and making sure we all remembered repellent. I didn't realize how big the biters were in Los Osos. Dang, they're huge! Unfortunately most of us had the juice packed in our bags! I have some in my carry on bag because I've heard we'll be exposed to Dengue Fever in Kenya and there are mosquitoes in the airport. I don't plan to be without my repellent! I just wish I'd had some with me so I could relax and enjoy myself while I was there.

Molly wasn't there tonight so we don't know how many bags she'll have with her. If she shows up with one bag, she'll get the last suitcase full of vbs supplies. If she comes with two bags, Dave will get the extra one. Molly doesn't go to our church but her grandparents do. She's a Point Loma student whose family lives in Bakersfield. We met one day at a pre-trip meeting but didn't really have a chance to get to know each other. She seems sunny and sweet which is good.

After dropping things off we headed home. Dave still had to pack his suitcase. We're getting up before 5am to be at the church by 5:45. We will try to get some sleep tonight. Yeah RIGHT!

List of things I think I packed: 3 pair of pants/6 pair of underwear/6 pair of socks/PJ's/feather pillow *to leave behind*/repellent/baby butt wipes/misc medical supplies to donate to the clinic/extra bra/3 t-shirts/dress/3skirts/2 blouses/misc meds I may need/Lonely Planet East Africa book...oh, there must be more.

Tonight I programmed both watering system timers. Nothing like getting irrigation set up at the last minute. I've also got to make sure the chicken coop is well stocked with food and water, and nesting material. They'll be checked on regularly but I don't want anyone to have to worry about them very much.

The dogs, cat, and pet birds are ready. Food is stocked, instructions are on the counter, Dad and the neighbors will be taking care of our little farm. I think I'm ready for bed and it's only 2 am.


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