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Again waking up in the cold basement but now have many more blankets!!

Today meet with Steve for our day hike! The day started at the county seat where we had some fuel for breakfast and coffee!  After that headed down the road to our turn off and drove and drove until we saw Elk Mountain behind us. We had driven to far! VJ said look for the obvious parking lot with a trailhead! Well sometimes obvious can be overlooked!  We turned around and made it back to the most obvious spot we saw with lots of gates and a few trailheads!  I love the ambuguity of the local slang..... What is obvious to one may not be for another!!  Steve's starter in his car has been giving him trouble so we had to park on a hill so we could jump start it just in case! And of course that is what we ended up doing to get it started! I was a little worried because if it did not start we would be stuck way out in the backcountry!! 

We started our trail, our long ascent to one false top before we found the real way up!! But it is all about the journey not the destination! After we altered our route and discovered the other trail, again obvious, we preceded up and up until the tree line became more thinned and suddenly we popped out into a lovely meadow!  We ran almost up to the edge and gazed over the valley! Wow! This is the view I live for, this is what makes me feel alive, this is worth the aching feet and legs!  Breathing the fresh crisp mountain air, feeling the chill from the wind, seeing the rainclouds scattered about dripping rain, hearing the thunder in the distance....... I felt so Alive!  We sat and ate lunch and refueled and then journeyed along the ridge around the corner so we could see Hot Sulphur Springs! The edge was fantastic! The drop was significant and my heart pounded as I gazed down! I took so many pictures and our zoom is fantastic!  I cant upload pics now but when I get home I will!!  We stayed on the top as long as we could and froliced about but the dark clouds were coming closer so we made our decision to descend!!

What a lovely day trekking thru elevation!

Tomorrow we have yet another hike planned!

jflarry says:
Good you are having a great time with the mountain people. Enjoy all the Democrats who will invade the town shortly. By the way I met the new organizer last night. WOW what a woman! She has ideas like mine and she looks great! I ran into her by accident at a British meet. Jesus she is sweet. She will let me back on and make me a assitant organizer! nOW I can organize a meet at a lap dance bar. Oh I forgot that does not exist in Denmark. Enjoy!
Posted on: Aug 23, 2008
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