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Winner of BK with best view
A loooonnnggg looonngggg ride home....

Our plan was to get some breakfast, to chill out in our room, to pack our stuff, to get a bath, to shave, to clean ourselves up, and nicely check out.


huh huh whats that??

Gutemorgen. Sind Sie fertig? Es ist 9.00.
Wie bitte?
You have to check out.

Damn... so far our plans. The mrs was good to give us a bit of discount, for not making it to breakfast. With our sleepy heads, a small hang over from all the cocktails we drunk last night, it was time to make the huge trip back to Maastricht.

Well there's nothing much to say about it. We listened to all our favorite tracks, we listened to at the last past weeks. Got a bite at the BK with more flies flying around then burgers being made. Made a pisstop at the German roadtoilets, all with lounge music and robottoilets, cleaning up whole of the toilet. Note: must have one of those at home.

It was late in the evening, but still light, when we came in Holland. Funny enough it was the same roas we used to get the hell out of Holland. The Ferrari stopped at the house of my mate, with the astounishing 4547 kilometers on our counter. We extended our holiday to the back garden, chilled down on our seats, took a look of all our pictures (800 of them), drunk our last Rum and Vodka, and toasted on our holiday: Eurotrip 2008 !
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Winner of BK with best view
Winner of BK with best view
Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction
photo by: Vlindeke