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Violin solo

After crossing the border to Thailand, I was unfortunate to find that I had missed the overnight bus by ten minutes, meaning I would have to catch the one in the morning and spend the whole day on a bus. 14 unpleasurable hours later - but nothing compared to the buses in Laos - I was back in Bangkok for the fifth time of my trip.

I planned to do very little with my time. I had no interest in temples or sight-seeing - I had done that already - and had more of a desire to fill myself on the Thai cuisine that I had missed while eating the dross you get in Laos.

I checked into a hotel near the infamous Khao San Road, having tried to avoid it on previous trips. I was tired and hungry when I finally put my bags down and ready for a couple of days relaxing - as much as anyone can in Bangkok, anyway.

Rather you than me

My days were spent relaxing with fruit shakes and ice creams, Chang beers and Singha beers, with a bit of preparation for my month in China. To amuse myself on Khao San Road, I told one of the many Indian tailors who try to engage you in conversation in the hope it will lead to you buying a suit that his rival down the road had personally been slagging off his tailoring, saying it was only fit for blind people to wear. I didn't witness a bust-up, but I can only hope that it happened and someone got the pleasure of witnessing it.

I met up with the legendary scouse philosopher that is Steven Davenport who showed me a few bars around Khao San Road. While waiting for him in the foyer of my hotel, the tranny who worked at reception who creepily kept touching me sat with me.

First he asked if I was meeting a Thai girl. I said I wasn't, that I didn't know any Thai girls. To which he said, "You know me." I had to control my laughter: he was literally just a man with long hair. He then said that if Steve didn't make it, we would go out and 'get drunk together.' I am not a religious man, but I prayed that Steve would come. Thankfully, he did.

At the end of the night we were propositioned by some 'ladies of the night'. We had a bit of banter with them (nothing more, of course) and it wasn't till the next day that Steve informed me that at least one was a man. I was completely sold. This last trip to Bangkok left me feeling more confused at the end of it than any of the others.

The following night I was shown the delights of the bars around the Patpong market area.

One of the last pad thais. Emotional
We went to one of the famous ping-pong shows, but unfortunately I only watched a couple of 'launches' because some of the girls (I think they were girls; I'm not sure) came over and suddenly had drinks that we were to be told we had to pay for. I was already a bit tipsy so there was no chance I was falling for it, and after a heated debate with the management I paid for my beer and left. Perhaps stupidly, or maybe sensibly because he lives in Bangkok, Steve thought it far too much of a risk and paid way over the odds - Cokes that are normally 15 baht suddenly became 300 baht! In a bit of a mood, we headed back to Khao San where we forgot about it and had some banter with the friendly bar staff in one of the bars. I subsituted the end-of-the-night kebab with my final phad thai and said goodbye to Bangkok, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

jteddyb says:
This is a great blog. Really makes me want to go back to SE Asia.
Posted on: Aug 28, 2007
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Violin solo
Violin solo
Rather you than me
Rather you than me
One of the last pad thais. Emotion…
One of the last pad thais. Emotio…
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