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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
9:44 CEST
Cafe Barista

I landed at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm at 7:50 in the morning. From there, I collected my baggage, exchanged currency, and caught a bus in to Uppsala. The bus dropped me off at Central Station, and after a bit of wandering around I found a taxi to take me to Akademihotellet, the university’s housing office. Turns out it was the wrong place to go, but the women working there were so helpful. They let me store my luggage there while I walked downtown to the correct office, picked up my keys, signed the lease, and walked back. Then they called me a taxi to take me to Kantorsgatan, my housing.

The taxi dropped me off and I found my building. I dragged my luggage up the narrow spiral staircase, and opened the door to my new home. At first, I thought it was a little shabby, but it seems to be growing on me. I think I am the first one to arrive, because there is no one in there yet besides myself. Whoever lived there before left quite a bit of trash and random stuff around, but my room was clean and pretty bare. It’s furnished with a desk, chair, lamp, tiny bed, set of drawers, and a lounge chair. My door to my rooms locks, and I have my own bathroom. I will be sharing a shower, kitchen, living/dining room, and patio with my roommates. The shower is kind of awkward, It’s just a room with a curtain partitioning it and the floor slopes toward the drain. The showerhead leaves something to be desired in the way of aim, and water gets everywhere in the little room. No hope for a bathmat.

After I got there and found out I was all by myself with no internet and no phone, I got a little depressed. I panicked, thinking, “What the heck do I think I’m doing? Why did I ever decide to come here? I am so unprepared, and I’m not cut out for this. I want to go home.” I started to tear up a little, searched for tissues, and upon realization that I didn’t even have tissues or paper towels or toilet paper here, I started bawling. I had nothing. I was drying my eyes with a washcloth I had packed. I was feeling pretty low.

I had no idea what to do next. I had no way of getting into town aside from walking, and who knew how long that would take. I didn’t even know the way. Wallowing in self-pity in my room wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I decided to set out for the Student Union and see about getting internet in my room. Turned out I have to have something called a “Personnummer”, or P-number, in order to even apply to get internet, and after that, it takes up to a week to have it installed in my room. Le sigh.

Having found that out, I decided to walk to this place called the Café Barista where they have complimentary wireless. I got a bit lost on the way and ended up roaming around downtown for quite a bit of time. I walked through a small mall of sorts that looks like it’s a popular hangout for teens. I finally found the café and I was finally able to get online. I quickly logged into iChat and saw that my mom was online. It was 6 a.m. her time (which is 15:00 or 4 p.m. here) and I told her I was here safe. We had a video chat for a while until she had to leave for work. I stayed there on the internet until about 16:30, and exhaustion overtook me. Can I just begin to tell you how out of shape I am? I had been walking for about 5 hours total that day and, after being on a plane for about 15 hours the day before, I was already feeling a bit sore.

I trekked back to Kantorsgatan, stopping at a gas station on the way for toilet paper, tissues, pringles, water, cream cheese, salami, and some flatbread. I arrived to find that I was still alone in my room, so I ate some pringles (my only meal of the day aside from breakfast on the plane at 6:00), read for a bit, and then crashed out around 19:00. I woke up again around 23:00 because I was cold, threw on some layers, and slept again.

I woke up at 6:30, read for a while, got a shower (ugh, I hate that shower), and remembered a didn’t have a hair dryer. Then I tried using my straightener with the voltage converter, and it didn’t work at all. The thing was cold as ice. Thinking, “screw it” I left for the café, hoping I could catch some of my friends online, which is where I am now. Since I forgot to charge my battery on the computer last night, and I fried the converter this morning trying to do it, the computer is about to die. So I bid you adieu. Or should I say hej dä!


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