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Have you ever thought that you will be walk 28 km in the forest with your heavy backpack on your back??? It is unbelievable for a student at High school, isn’t it? But it’s become one of the most amazing trips I have had in New Zealand before. It was Fantastic challenge when I went to New Zealand for my activity week last year.

I and some other students with Mr.Tedstone went to there for 9 days and we had done a lot of funny activities on the first seven days like mountain biking, rock climbing, flying fox, rowing boat, rafting, swimming… 

The scariest activity we have had is mountain walking on the seventh day .We woke up at 5.30 am (NZ time zone) to pack up our stuffs into the bags, ate the breakfast and to be ready to start walking.


This picture was taken when we left the first hut to another destination.

We were so happy because we didn’t know that later on what would be going on..? Oh, my God. We walked for five and half hours without stopping or take a rest more than 10 minutes; because the tour guide said the faster we walk, the sooner we would reach the next hut. The road was up and down, so some of my friends who could not carry their own heavy backpacks so they had to exchange the lighter backpacks from someone else.  


When we reached the second destination, we had to take the shower in the chilling water. No one in our group took the shower longer than 5 minutes.(Please, Do not think we were dirty because if you were there, I am sure that you maybe take it faster than us, hehhe).

 We also needed to cook ourselves; our group rice was the nicest rice to eat. The entire members were so happy.       


At 8.

00 pm, all of us must go to bed because the next day, we would have to walk more.



   On the next day, when the Sun hasn’t risen, we had to wake up to continue the walking in the raining weather. Seriously, after walking for half an hour, I wanted to give up because it was so tired. I felt that there was no more energy in my body. It seemed like nobody talk to each other because everyone wanted to complete till the end of the road.

             The road was not easy to walk, some parts of it, we had to climb.                       




 After six and half hours more, we have met the land road.

Everyone was so happy. Finally, we have walked pass 28 km road in the forest. Some of them screamed and some other were cry because it was unbelievable to them

 This trip is the most exciting trip I have had before; I have learned many things from here. I have learned that event though who are you? , where are you come from? , but when we are in the same community, same group, we have to have responsibly to each other. We have to take care of each other and good behave to each other. I have made many new friends from this trip. New Zealand is one of the places that everyone can go and challenge with many exciting experiences. It a beautiful pleasure country for you to visit anytime.



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photo by: jenny_vu