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Thursday 14th August...the "D-day"...we finally launched our sailing boat named "RUTTO".

My friend Simon and me, we spent about  2,5 years working on this boat.

Honestly speaking Simon has the deserve on this success.

A brief story about RUTTO:

We bought this boat from a friend of us (Fabrizio), he's a skipper leaving on the coast of Adriatic Sea near RIMINI (to be excat his living in FORLI') and he helped us in a different works.

When we went to his house to check the boat we were astonished on seeing what was in front of us. This boat wasn't a boat...was a flower box. I'm not was a flower box, full of flowers and plants placed in the middle of the garden.

Well, nice to see an original flower box, but when we saw it it was there like asking help...a boat in the garden?! No way...boat means sea so...

At first look it was in very bad conditions, many damaged parts, some materials missing,different weak parts...we started to write down a list (at the end was a long long list) about the necessay works just to reach a passable level.

Simon and me had a talk, we checked the long list, we made a quick calculation about the budget and we accepted the challenge with ourselves being apprised of the of the risk was waste of money for nothing...but we did it...

I can't forget the day we spent scratching out the varnish and resin, the day we spent restoring the weak parts, the day spent cleaning and washing, the day when we had to restart the work form the beginning 'cause some parts of the boat broke down.

Days that put us in a critical situation, where the fail was more near than the goal...

But tks to our power will we kept going and day after day we started to see our "baby" growing up and at the end we got our result, honestly better on what we excpected.

We spent time and money, especially money, but the excitement to launch "our" boat, after all the sacrifices, have repaid us of all our efforts.

I want to make a special thank to Simon, without him I'm sure that "RUTTO" was still a flower box, I'm honest, thanks to his skills and will power we could end our challenge positively and I would like to thank to Fabrizio (our friend skipper) for his help and experience.

To restore a boat from the beginngin, is a great and unforgettable experience, but I'd also like to say that this is an experience to do once in life...if tomorrow someone come to me asking to repeat this thanks alot, I prefer to buy a new one..ready!   ;-)

Now is still summer here in Italy, we have one an half months still to sail so...

"RUTTO" Sailing Team ready to sail!!!!!!!


The name RUTTO could be translated in BURP but for our slang has a different meaning...when we saw the boat at my friend Fabrizio's house we said "E' proprio un rutto!!!" that in english is "It's a burp!!!"...for us,in my area, saying "E' proprio un rutto" means to describe something very ugly that you can't just for information this is the story of this strange name.

TYoungTX says:
Wow -- what an undertaking! I can't wait to see pictures of you sailing on the boat. And the name is quite descriptive. Ha ha!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
Sunflower300 says:
Well done!!!
What an adventure; and I'm sure the adventure has only just begun. :)
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
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Reggio nell'Emilia
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