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this house is decorated with beer cans and pull tabs

these pictures are from a trip i took origionally scheduled for the weekend starting on sept. 14th.

for those that are unaware this was the weekend after the september 11th attacks on the United States.

the first thing i can tell you is that this was one of the first weekend flights out of colorado after sept. 11th.

it was strange everyone was silent during the flight, but everyone said hello and looked you in the eye as you entered the plane.

the trip was uneventful besides that and we landed in houston on time.


now for the fun part

this trip was scheduled by a friend of mine from work (ernest clinckscales)  he and his wife maintained a home in colorado and texas, i should note that he had more than one house in houston, anyway he asked if i would like to join his son and him fishing on the gulf (i'm not a great outdoorsman)and i said i would think about it.

mad max car near a modern art museum

he said if i went we could fly first class standby on continental air lines if there were any seats available, so i said sure ;)  the reason for the flights was that his wife works for them (not sure what she does) and he also said that she possibly could get me a job in reservations and that if i got one i could travel for free and i wouldn't have to live in houston just work there(i declined the offer pay wasn't high enough)

so the trip was set i could stay at a house that looked like a small colorado mansion in a houston suburb (not sure if it was his or his sons)anyway they give me free rein of the house (my own security code ect) i rent a car even though they offer me a car to use also (told you this guy was great)and we enjoy the first day in houston.

cows down town near library

the next day we head down to galveston to a hotel (la quinta) which he also pays for.  (no i'm not a dead beat and there is no implied or other wise tit for tat play going on he's just very nice and has all these coupons for free nights that he has to use before the end of the year)so most of the trip is close to free and we get ready for the fishing the next day by planning and making sandwiches and packing a cooler.  we have to get up at about 3 am, i am not a morning person but i get up at the knock on the door, get ready and head out.  we try to fish for red snapper which he informs me is a very good tasting and semi expensive fish (i'm not impressed i don't eat fish much)

so we go on the boat it's nice at first sun is still not up it's cool and we head out in the gulf for what seems like years (only about an hour or two) finally the sun is up and we get ready to fish.

sky line just liked the dome on that building
  now this is important we take sunscreen, and apply it before going outside to fish.  this was the wrong idea, the gulf is calm almost no breeze and no waves its hot as heck and i go out and the sweat just pores off of me and the sunscreen gets in my eyes i'm blind running around trying to wipe my eyes bumping into people who probably think i've gone nuts anyway get the sunscreen out of my eyes fish for about five minutes and over heat and need to go back inside the cabin to cool down.  ok now i get stupid and re-apply the sunscreen go back out and do the same thing all over again(what an idiot)

did i mention i'm wearing a nylon jogging suit?  its hot im blind again everyone else is in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops or bare feed and i'm dressed like nanook from the north.

houston sky line
  i refuse to take off the jacket to the jogging suit jacket because if the excess skin i have semi hidden under it and so just go on dying.  don't get the wrong idea it was fun and i would do it again but next time i go i am going to wear shorts and a t-shirt (if you cant handle the love handles don't look) i did catch a few fish and after we got back took pictures to show =)

anyway we get back to the hotel and freshen up and he tells me he wants to take me to dinner at his favorite place.  he tells me of this great sea food place that has the best fresh shrimp(i love shrimp) so we pull up to the place (don't remember the name or i would do a review)and the billboard says "six shrimp meal "for like twenty bucks.  oh my god this is his plan for dinner six little shrimp better have a lot of side dishes, but i think to my self i can always eat here and get something later (noticed a mcdonalds near the hotel) so we order the shrimp.  i should have mentioned that both he and his son weight  at least as much as i do or more and they didn't seem fazed by six shrimp meal????we get the food and i swear it was the largest shrimp i have ever seen in my life, (each one butterflied the size of a salad plate i'm not exaggerating) needless to say six shrimp were more then enough food even for me and i couldn't finish all the food.  this was a great place to eat.  after that they showed me some of the sights and the next day we head back to houston. he insists that he cook some fish that we caught for me (i explained that i don't normally eat fish) but he assures me that i would like it and just to give it a try.  it was increadable i loved it and ate all my food thanked him and his wife.  he tells me that tomarrow before we leave that he will pack my fish for me to take back (they gut and clean them at the docks when you get off the boat) and i explain once again that i will never eat them or cok them, so we agree he will keep them, this makes him very happy (finally i don't feel like i just took and took and never gave him anything) so that evening i get the ten dollar tour of houston and get ready to go home.

flight back was packed so i have to sit in coach(what the  @#*%#@) anyway i get over it. get plenty of drinks and peanuts to make up for it lol and get back home exhausted. all in all a great trip from an even better host.

if you ever meet him (ernest clinkscales) treat him like a king and maybe you'll be his next guest (he takes someone every year sometimes several people) and i know he'll treat you even better =)


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this house is decorated with beer …
this house is decorated with beer…
mad max car near a modern art muse…
mad max car near a modern art mus…
cows down town near library
cows down town near library
sky line just liked the dome on th…
sky line just liked the dome on t…
houston sky line
houston sky line
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