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Last night there was a wild storm with thunder and lightning - some of the flashes and thunder came practically at the same time - one seemed to strike just in front of the hotel. I like thunder and lightning. It was nice and snug in this tiny bed with my legs wedged in with the rain beating down and the wind howling outside.  I woke up at 7 Polish time (hora de Madrid, que dice Ana...) and took a shower.  The shower and the toilet deserve a picture.  Maybe I'll go back later with the camera and take a few (I didn't manage to get the shots - it was occupied later on when I walked by with my camera).  They deserved a picture, as I say - the shower is a room tiled from floor to ceiling with red and beige tiles.  There's a shower head in one wall, a drain in the floor, a sink in one corner, a few hooks in a wall and a little wooden table to set things on.

Nice scenery from where we were sitting - a sidewalk café in the market square in old town.
  Definitely hasn't been updated, renovated or cleaned much since the 70's  :-)   The furniture is vintage 60's.  The toilet is a few doors down and is just a flushable hole in the floor. 

When I get back to the room there is a lady out on a balcony in front of my room sweeping water off her balcony in her bra and underwear.  I should have waved!  Ana was up by then and went to take a shower.

The hotel breakfast was interesting.  The dining room is decorated in oriental style with a big dragon painted on one wall and birds and greenery everywhere else.  All of the tables have centerpieces made of feathers.  The floor is covered with oriental rugs.

The celing must be 5 meters high. It's like a grandiose dining room from the past.  There were a waiter and wiatress tending all of the tables and the breakfast was the same for all - bread, ham, cheese, half a boiled egg with red caviar, two fried eggs (sunny side up), juice and coffee or tea.  The presentation was really nice, but I got the feeling that requests for variations on the menu would not be well received!

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel - that was easy - and went back to the old part of the town to a little flea market where we bought a little present for a couple of our friends back in Warsaw.  I took a few more pictures and we sat down at a sidewalk café for another cup of coffee.  We decided that we didn't want it to get too late, so headed back to Poland.  Good thing too, because crossing the border this time was even more time consuming than going into Ukraine!  Over three hours to get through immigration and customs!  8 different stops!

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Nice scenery from where we were si…
Nice scenery from where we were s…
photo by: Biedjee