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    During the christmas holiday, i went to Vietnam for visit my friends. It was really interesting because it was the first time for me to go to other country by myself. 

    In the first day, i was reached in the morning but i was afraid of the place because i cant understand anyone. My friends came to pick me very late and it made me feel much more scary. i remember that there was a man came to me and talked to me, but i cant understand and the thing i can do was body language. Maybe he guessed i am not Vietnamese and then he went away. aAfter i got on the car, my first feeling of Vietnam was that there are a lot of motobike and the people can carry a lot of thing on one motorbike. I felt it is really interesting because i never see a lot of motorbike on the street like that. The place where I went with my friends was ABC restaurant and the food inside the restaurant is really nice... The most interesting for me in the first day was that i sat on the motorbike. It was first taste for me and i never feel this windy when i sit on the traspotation.  My friend picked me to look around and i felt it was comfortable because of the motorbike. Until now, i still remember the time when i was sitting on the motorbike.

    In the second day, i was quiet tired because i had not enough sleep. But we still went out for fun and we went to beach. The beach is really beautiful and make people feel good when you are sitting on the sand... But the sadest thing is that i didnt take any photo in Vietnam because i didnt bring my camara. Really, i felt very bad about this so i promised to myself that i will go to travel Vietnam again.

    In the third day, i went to visit Ho Chi Minh and it was a quiet, serious place for me but its really happy to visit the most important person in Vietnam. His house is a beautiful, comfortable and soft place. We saw the car which is the one he used before. Nowadays, you cant see that kind of car anymore because it is old fashion.

   In the next few days, I went to eat the delicious ice cream in Vietnam even it was  winter but i felt very cool to eat the delicious ice cream and we sat on the tricycle to look around. It was the feeling which i have never gotten. Also, i sat on the motorbike everyday to go everywhere because it is the fastest way to go. I ate a lot of Vietnamese delicious food and It made me feel i was in the heaven.

   Actually, I went to Vietnam for about 10 days, it was a really good memories in my life...In the future, I will go back again...I love Vietnam.


yheleen says:
ah.. how i wish i can visit Vietnam too ;)
Posted on: Aug 18, 2008
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