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It was bound to happen one day...and it did. Yep, I’ve fallen in love again. This is no fling or just a crush. No, this is the deep love that you’re only likely to come across once or twice in your life, if you’re lucky. It caught me quite by surprise too, you see I fell in love in Prague. Well, actually ��" I fell in love with Prague. And who woudn’t? What a beautiful city this is!

Dim and I must have smiled nicely at the checkin girl in Manchester as she put us in row 3 of our Bmibaby flight to Prague on Friday night. You see, Prague is a bit of stag city and with a flight that was running around 80-90% full, we were amongst the less than 10 women onboard.

Luckily, we were far enough from the hoards of buck party boys with matching t-shirts to only hear the distant chanting and roars.

When we arrived in Prague it was love at first sight. As the home of King Wensclas and with a whopping big statue there, Dim sund the goold old Christmas classic.  Luckily for billy and I she knew all the words and could sing it again, again and again...

The weather was gorgeous, even at 11pm. We grabbed a taxi and phoned Billy (from Belfast) who had already started without us in the city square. We dumped our bags in our room and joined him. A quick catch up and we called it a night in prep for the day ahead.

The best way to see Prague is by bike. We hired ours from a seedy looking character and set off along the cobble stoned streets. Ducking and weaving through the crowds, we passed extraordinary buildings of such character and design that they took your breath away (or maybe that was the uphill climbs on the bike). Adorned with little gargoyles or angels, these buildings were stunning. There were archways, gothic windows, stained glass, winding laneways and cathedrals on every corner. The day was spent oohing and ahhing at every sight until we crossed Charles Bridge, found a nice little courtyard pub nestled next to the bridge and the riverbank. Some beer and a big platter of cheese and that is when the sighs of contentment hit in. We lazed here for a little while before heading off again.

Not sure whether it was the 3 beers or the hill that resembled Arthurs Seat that we rode up, but riding became more difficult. We ducked back across another bridge and headed back towards the square to return our bikes. This was a perfectly picturesque day ��" and I’ve got the photos to prove it.

That night we showered, spruced up a little and hit the town of Prague. This city has a drink called Absinth which I had never heard of before. I think it’s illegal in many parts of the world ��" mostly because it’s 100% alcohol. The Czech’s have on that’s only 70% alcohol so we thought we’d try this truly Czech experience. You get a teaspoon of sugar, soak it in Absinth then set the spoon alight, wait for the sugar to melt and then stir it into the glass, setting the whole thing alight.

You blow it out and down it in one gulp. WHOA!!!! I’ve never experienced anything like this. It felt like someone set my throat and chest alight and then jumped on it. It took my breath away to point of making my eyes water. One of these is really enough!!

Immediately after this, we were approached by a guy on his stag night. He was german and with a group of about 8-9 mates who had been staring at us for a little while. The reason soon came out as he explained that as part of his night, he had a scavenger hunt to complete. One item was at least 5 strands of 15cm long blond hair. Looking straight at me (Dim and Billy were no help here) he explained that he could pull them out of head or he conveniently had a pair of scissors attached by a piece of string to his jeans. There’s not many people I trust to come near my hair, intoxicated with a pair of scissors.

Yep, this was a job for Dim. Had I been given the choice, I would’ve rathered she attacked this task prior to the Absinth but that not being an option now ��" she went to it. He had my hair and, in exchange, had promised us a round ��" which we took. Later, Dim and I were both given the opportunity to use the scissors on him to cut out one of the dozen odd heart shapes that his mates had drawn on his jeans. Dim, being the trooper that she is, said that the night was still young and he really should let any old drunken woman near his front pockets with a pair of scissors and this was a job for her. No damage done, it was my turn. I took the back pocket and also cut out my own heart for a momento. For this we had to pay him a small fee of Krona10 (less than a dollar).

Next, it was off to the pool hall for a few games of pool.

Alas, I have to say that Billy wooped my ass here. It was 2 out of 3 games for him and I left it at that. I much prefer to think of the time spent playing pool with Billy in India where he crumbled like a kitten. I will block these games in Prague out all together. After this, another bar, more stag nights encountered and we called it a late night.

The next day we took the climb up to Prague castle. I’ll be honest and say that I’d hoped for a moat, a draw bridge, a scattering of knights in armour maybe.... that sort of thing. This was more of a modern day Europe castle though. Well worth the climb up, up and up ��" but on top were some fairly modern buildings surrounding a very old and enormous cathedral. The queue to view the inside of this cathedral was enormous. We passed and looked around the outskirts and soaked up the awesome view over the rooftops of Prague.


All in all, I loved Prague and catching up with Billy again. There were a few communication issues with his strong irish accent and all (and of course Dim and I don’t have an accent). When telling Dim that she should go and have a “power nap”, Dim replied with a “what? You smell pineapple?” Whenever we couldn’t understand him, we knew pineapple had to be involved. It’s amazing how much pineapple there is in Prague!!

debbiej says:
now this is sounding like my kind of holiday that drink looks abit dangerous reminds me of the cruise you and i did shell love the yummy pics of the food that is. it looks very romantic the weather really was nice for you have a blast take care love deb
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
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