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I’m on the train to Birmingham to meet up with Sam who I met in Egypt last year.  Some of you may have met him when he was in Australia a few months ago.  Deb and I liked to call him our kid brother ��" purely because we could gang up and pick on him and he would give it straight back to us.  I also like to refer to him as the mad pom who rode from Sydney through Melbourne and across to Perth.  The long way!  What a shame I didn’t bring my bike ��" sure Sam and I could’ve done an awesome bike trip from Birmingham to....well, around Birmingham anyway. 

Dim and I are loving the train.  She is with me but will continue on to Manchester to catch up with her friend up there for a day or two before we meet up again on Friday to go to Prague.

  But back to the trains...  They are comfy and clean.  We have a cute little table between us, complete with a light.  Massive big window to watch England go by and even a power point for the lappie.  I tell you, the Indians and Vietnamese could learn a thing or two about train travel from these guys.  No having to wash your shoes after going to the restrooms here! 

We’ve just hit rolling green hills and country cottages ��" everything looks ‘so English’ and I’m a big fan.  But I’ll go back a day and tell you about our Monday.  We headed out to Knightsbridge for the infamous Harrods and immediately felt at home with the doorman swinging open the door and saying ‘welcome to Harrods’.  It was like I was coming home.

  Any good trip to Harrods starts in the perfume department ��" after all, you want to smell like Christian Dior as you travel the levels of this luxurious shopper’s paradise.  Then off to the chocolate counter to nibble away on some vanilla fudge as you peruse the diamonds in the jewellery section.  To go with the necklace and earings that you can only afford if you hock your car, you then have to go into the Versace area to pick up the perfect frock ��" for this though, I’m afraid you’re going to have sell of one of the kids.  Not only are these in four or five figure prices but that’s pounds!!  But I was in my happy place here and realised that I wasn’t raised to work  but fit in brilliantly amongst the sequins and satin.  Alas, we left Harrods and were amongst the commoners again.  Time to head off to Camden.

On the bus there, we saw a sign that read “Weak Bridge Ahead” 18tonne limit.

  Not comforting!  Dim and I ran through the possible dialogue in the truck drivers head. “what’s our weight again??  Was it 17 tonne or 20?  Cant remember... SMASH     ahhhh, there you go it was 20 after all”.  Ok, little things amuse us when we’re killing time of the public transport.

Camden is awesome.  It’s punk city with a touch of EMO.  Throw in a big chunk of hard rock and you have Camden.  It’s one big market with the trendiest clothes and the people watching here is out of this world.  Every second person has 10 inch high bright pink Mohawks and every third has 20 inch high platform boots sprayed with metal bolts sticking out of them.  You can get the hard rock shirt you’ve been looking for right here ��" The Clash, Blondie, Rolling Stones but be prepared to part with GBP20 plus.

  It’s huge.

Dim and I walked the streets like kids let loose in a candy shop.  We were over stimulated to the max with each of us going “wow, check this out”, “nah, look at this”.  If only I had a spare GBP500 and a limitless luggage limit ��" I could’ve shopped all day.  All good things must come to an end though and we left Camden to join Steff in the pub for dinner. 

Ash came along with us too.  He is the fourth bed in our four bed dorm.  A young 19 yr old from Birmingham who is staying in London for 2 weeks doing a scholarship intern position with Sky channel in London.  Trying to get into sports journalism, he was a great kid and put up with our constant bantering before bed and our not so quiet stumblings in after the pub.

So, I’ve left London now.  Must say I loved every minute there. 

OMG, here comes the snack trolley on the train.  Boy, do I love this train ��" it doesn’t get better than this.

debbiej says:
cool the train sounds like the hogwarts express,and the kid that was staying in your room sounds like sam. Like the sound of Camden would like to go there. Harrods looks really willy wonkaish. you guys have a blast and give my love the little bro Sam love deb
Posted on: Sep 04, 2008
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