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A portion of "ketupat sayur"

"Ketupat sayur" vendor, I think he is the second earliest vendor that passes my house in the morning. *The earliest is "tukang roti" (the vendor who sells bread and buns).* He always passes aroun 6.30 AM. And he always waits for a while in front of my house.

Just like today, he waited in front of my house even nobody from my house called him. He hoped that somebody in my house would change his/her mind to have "ketupat sayur" as the breakfast. Lucky him, my daughters wanted it. “Aha! I could take the picture of him for TravBuddy!” was my thought.

"Ketupat" is rice cake that boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves. "Sayur" is a kind of soup. "Ketupat sayur" has many kinds of variant. It depends on where it is from. This one, I think is from Jakarta. The vegetable used for the soup is young papaya. So, it is a fruit actually. In the soup, there are also tofu and boiled egg. Ketupat sayur is always accompanied by “kerupuk”, a kind of crisps.

The price of 1 portion is IDR 3500 if only with tofu. If you want the boiled egg, the price becomes IDR 5000.

YantiSoeparno says:
It was "kue putu" vendor. Check my entry "More Street Vendors: KUE PUTU & KLEPON" to know more about it
Posted on: Nov 04, 2008
londonstudent says:
Sounds delicious :) Who was the guy who "toots" on his steam whistle when he arrives? I remember thinking that that food sounded delicious too!
Posted on: Nov 03, 2008
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A portion of ketupat sayur
A portion of "ketupat sayur"
The vendor and his cart
The vendor and his cart
Covered by kerupuk
Covered by "kerupuk"
photo by: cicie