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Empal Gentong with Kerupuk Kulit

There are many kinds of traditional food from Cirebon. Some of them are mi koclok, empal gentong, docang, nasi jamblang, nasi lengko, and tahu gejrot. I was lucky that I could taste them during my visit to Cirebon this time. But, unfortunately I cannot inform about the price. It is because some of the food were served by the caterer that my family ordered. Others were paid by my husband and he didn’t care about how much was each food. And me? I just enjoyed the food, hahahaha...


Mi Koclok or also known as Mi Kocok has ingredients:

  • noodle

  • shred chicken

  • bean sprout (poured with boiling water and drained)

  • boiled egg

  • very thick gravy

The gravy is more like porridge because it is mixed with rice flour and the taste is salty.

There is also Mi Kocok from Bandung. What makes Mi Kocok from Cirebon different is the thick gravy. The salty taste of the thick gravy is very soft on my tongue. Hm...... yum yum.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the picture of Mi Koclok now. I have to ask one of my relatives.


I think Empal Gentong is the second most famous Cirebon traditional food after Tahu Gejrot. It is like soto from other provinces. It is beef and/or cow’s entrails (it can be said that Indonesian eat all parts of cow) cooked with coconut milk. It can be eaten with lontong (rice cake boiled in a cylinder-shaped packet of banana leaves) or rice. To make it more spicy, we can add red chili powder , special chili for Empal Gentong. We also can add crackled water-buffalo rinds, a traditional crisps. But, this one is different with from other regions, it is bigger, thinner, and the darker. The taste is salty. It enriches the taste of Empal Gentong.


The ingredients of Docang are:

  • lontong (rice cake boiled in a cylinder-shaped packet of banana leaves)

  • chopped steamed cassava leaves

  • bean sprout (poured by boiling water and then drained)

  • raw grated young coconut

  • kerupuk putih (traditional chips made of flour)

  • gravy

  • green chili (if you like)

Many people say that the gravy is like water that just used to wash the dishes.

My Nasi Jamblang
Hahahaha... it is true, the appearance is not interesting but the taste is good. Especially the raw grated young coconut, it makes the taste unique.


Actually, Nasi Jamblang is ordinary rice with variety of side dishes. What makes it unique is the rice is covered by teak leaves. Another thing that makes it unique is the side dishes are all served on the table. There are about 20 side dishes. Each of them are put in a tin big bowl. After we get the rice covered by teak leaves and served on a tin plate, we can take any side dishes we like. The choices are fried tofu and tempe (fermented soybean cake), ommelette, mussel in skewer, mussel, perkedel kentang (croquette of spicy boiled potato), potato in skewer, chicken liver and gizzard, cow liver and spleen, boiled egg, tofu prepared with soy sauce, squid, prawn, etc. To make it more delicious, it is served a special chili. It is red chili that sliced very thin.

When we have finished, the vendor calculates how much we have to pay based on our reports of what we have eaten.

Side Dishes for Nasi Jamblang
The vendor doesn’t notice what we have eaten, so it needs our honesty.

On Jl. Tentara Pelajar, across Grage Mall, there are many Nasi Jamblang vendors. The stalls are in a row, side by side.


This is my second favorite traditional food from Cirebon after Tahu Gejrot. This food is suitable for vegetarians. The ingredients are very simple and cheap:

  • rice

  • chopped fried tofu and tempe (fermented soybean cake)

  • bean sprout (poured with boiling water and drained)

  • chopped cucumber

  • soy sauce

  • leek (the thin one)

Usually, I eat Nasi Lengko with kerupuk putih (traditional chips made of flour).

Nasi Lengko
They also serve sate kambing (lamb in skewer) to accompany nasi lengko. I usually order half portion because one portion is too much for me. The price is IDR 7 000 per portion. The price of sate kambing is IDR 20 000 for 10 skewers. Usually, I eat nasi lengko on Jl. Pagongan. The place is very simple, but many people come there.


This is my first favourite Cirebon traditional food. I never miss to eat this when I visit Cirebon. Tahu Gejrot has ingredients:

  • fried tofu

  • tamarind sauce

  • onion

  • green chili

The tofu is different with other tofu. It is tasteless or plain. The tamarind sauce is sour and refreshing. It is served in a small cobek (plate that made of clay).

How to serve Tahu Gejrot:

  • Put the onion and green chili in the cobek

  • Pulverize them with a pestle

  • Then, add the tamarind sauce

  • Cut the tofu and put it into the cobek

Voila! Tahu Gejrot is ready to serve! Use a toothpick to eat it.

Tahu Gejrot

Usually, I eat Tahu Gejrot in front of Shinta, a shop that sell many kinds of traditional snacks from Cirebon at Kanoman.

YantiSoeparno says:
Not yet Swaradila :-( but I have heard about it....
I think I can imagine the taste, cause from the story I heard it will taste like asem-asem or garang asem from Purwodadi ;D
Posted on: Apr 08, 2009
swaradila says:
Hi Yanti....have you taste empal asem ? such empal gentong but it's mixed with small star fruit (blimbing wuluh)...huaahhh!....
Posted on: Apr 04, 2009
JP-NED says:
But we have only one day! ( part of it ).
Do you have any news from Kristy?
you will tell me when and where!
have a nice day!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
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Empal Gentong with Kerupuk Kulit
Empal Gentong with Kerupuk Kulit
My Nasi Jamblang
My Nasi Jamblang
Side Dishes for Nasi Jamblang
Side Dishes for Nasi Jamblang
Nasi Lengko
Nasi Lengko
Tahu Gejrot
Tahu Gejrot
Nasi Jambalang Stall
Nasi Jambalang Stall
Nasi Jamblang Stall
Nasi Jamblang Stall
Side Dishes for Nasi Jamblang
Side Dishes for Nasi Jamblang
Nasi Lengko
Nasi Lengko
photo by: yuness