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Despite the title, this page is more about Arabic names that Malaysians (specifically Malays) have.  I now know their meanings!  Names of friends, bank tellers, flight attendants etc. 

Here are a few beautiful ones ... they get better as you go down the list!  I can't comment on any Yemeni Arab female names because as a male visitor, one doesn't get to meet any women or even see their faces. 

  • Farid (m) / Faridah (f)  -  unique
  • Amin (m) / Aminah (f)  -  trustworthy ... my teacher says this is one of the many untrue names
  • Jameel (m) / Jameelah (f)  - beautiful ... another untrue name ... who is to know that a beautiful baby will be an plain adult
  • Rafeah (f)  -  high or superior
  • Farah (f)  -  joy
  • Nur Leila (f) -  Light + Night (maybe the moon and stars)
  • Nur Aini (f) -  Light + My Eye (light of my eye, presumably)
  • Nur Hayati (f) -  Light  +  My Life (Debbie Boone?)
  • Nur Farah (f) -  Light + Joy (wow! this IS beautiful)
  • Nur Ashiqin (f) -  Light + Lovers (double wow!!!  maybe having cigarettes in the dark afterwards).


jenyenh says:
Im enjoying your blog! Mabrook = means good in arabic..cheers
Posted on: Mar 21, 2007
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