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So Nat drove with her friend Lucas and myself all the way to Dortmund, Germany to attend a show about copyrights and intellectual property, mostly so in the form of new media getups.

Nat wondering why she would ever get a speeding ticket. While driving.

Outside the exhibition space.

Inka who I first saw back in Alexandria during Cleotronica's very well put together symposium by ACAF. Funny yeah. Here she explains how this once industrial neighborhood is now being transformed into a vocal point of information technology industries and related cultural activities.

Possibly one of the most boring videos I've ever watched in my life.
This was by the book boring here. Long reptitive monotone British-teacher gibberish. Though the Mondrians and the students' faces were amusing enough to watch.

Very nice and cozy restaurant Inka pointed us towards with a very dedicated menu to about 4 very nice dishes. Lovely. The name alone was enough to convince us "Sissi Kingkong"
Nat being... well, very Nat.

I'm really not sure what to say about this one.

Me and Nat walking out of the restaurant.
You can totally tell how good the food was. Ha ha.

T'was cool, I dug it. My favorite was this thing with a sort of vocal essay about the Amen Beat, first conceived of by the Winstons and then somehow evolved into becoming public domain and securing solid presence in global collective audio conscience as a result of its use by other artists, television commercials, and later beat samples offered by producers for musicians to use in their work. These beat samples however are offered for sale, where the producers forbid purchasers from reselling and only using beats when mixed to form new compositions, and not to be used as is, which is funny because these producers never really acquired the rights from the original conceivers; the Winstons. This essay was so accordingly and awesomly presented in the form of a playing vinyl record.

And hey, wuddya know, I just found a video of it up on youtube.

Ah, and yesterday I finally shot the video with Rikke Korswagen, shot with -as you can see below- a really ancient and obsolete Sony black&white studio camera, recording done by connecting the camera to a laptop using a video card.

The setup for the shoot in my studio in Rotterdam.

Still relatively heaps of post production to go through, but I'm loving how its turning out so far.

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photo by: polvandenwirre